One scarf, four ways

Hi Naturalistas
I don't know if I've mentioned before but I do love my scarfs
This winter, you definitely need to learn a few skills with those.
Don't expose your hair to the cold, if it gets really chilly, 'scarf it up'
I hope these looks give you some ideas

I. Classic updo


2. Tail hanging low

3. Arab inspired

4. Simple bun

Which was your favourite?
Remember to keep your heads high and rock those kinks with pride

Twitter: @janylbenyl


  1. Fine lady!!! ;) I like the first and last.

  2. Aww! JB, you look so gorg! Love love the classic updo anytime.


  3. Love the tail hanging low and the simple bun, beautiful. btw your necklaces are gorgeous.

  4. Love the classic updo. Always a winner :-)

  5. Nice makeup! I like the Arab one.! I've been wrapping my hair more often since fall began. A nice accessory for those who don't wear wigs. I have a few posts on here on headwraps too.

  6. I like the simple bun! Also your acessories.


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