I love my wigs but...

This is a personal rant, so forgive me in advance. As you all know by now, I like to wear wigs. I have 2 in particular that I had custom made for me - a long one with kinky-ish hair, and a short bob. I wear them when I feel like my hair needs a break from the elements - the elements include environmental forces like the sun and dust; additional elements include hand-in-hair, packing-and-repacking-of-bun, etc. Suffice it to say, out of 30 days a month, I wig it maybe 15 to 20 days.

Now, what is getting my goat is that some unfortunate human beings see me on my wig days, and are often taken aback when they see my own hair. I've gotten comments like

"Where's your weave? You should put it back on"
"Are you having a bad hair day?"

Or the one I literally just got now: "Oh, but you look so beautiful with that your long hair."

I called them unfortunate human beings, because I don't know how to keep my mouth shut a lot of times. To this last person, I answered with my mouth, "That was a wig. This is my hair." Meanwhile, my eyes were asking, "What are you trying to say? Are you trying to tell me that you think I'm ugly with my real un-long natural hair? I dare you to say anything!"

To his credit, Mr. Man said, "This is nice too."

*hissing while rolling my eyes*

In retaliation, I could decide that I will leave my hair out forever and ever. But even I know that I get bored, and sometimes I want a new look, and I want to give my hair a break. So, I shall continue on as I have - wig when I feel like, hair out when I feel like, yarn threads one day, tree braids/fishbone one other day, and blah blah blah.



Do you ever just want to rip into someone for commenting about your hair? Let's let it all out here in the comment box!

Berry Dakara


  1. I can relate oh...i get comments like "are you not going to make your hair?" "see how your hair is jaga jaga"...it get's really annoying, but i calm myself down with the fact that, the hair is on MY head, and it is MY choice what i choose to do with it, you can only look and make comments...case closed!

  2. Lol, many naturals including me often get rude remarks on their short hair when first starting out and the same people would compliment them when their hair grows longer. so it's normal. At least they like your kinky wig. I use to have a lady always ask.me when I was going to do my hair even though I had twists, flattwists and other nice styles on. To her, my hair isn't "done" unless there's extensions in it.
    Like I mentioned in a recent post on here, naturals will continue to get idiotic comments from unfortunate human beings until many of us Black women start to wear our hair out more often. You just need to educate them and empathize with them instead of getting upset.

  3. Replies
    1. Aww, that's so sweet. Thanks.

      But... you are a guy. Oya, tell us why, lol.

  4. I'd say its just a matter of time before people would come to appreciate the beauty of our natural hair. Nothing can compare to the beauty of being natural.


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