Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 24

You want to know how camp has been for me? Well, so far, so good. I have had to soak my hair in moisture. Thanks to the fact that I was kidnapped by the military head of my platoon to participate in the parade, whether I wanted or not. To be honest, I actually enjoy matching, I have always enjoyed it right from when I was in primary school. But mehhnnn, the sun in this camp is not the business at all. If it could burn us all up like that, my hair must be wailing "Anna, hellllpppp. I need moisture." like every single second.

Why did I give in to the fine boyish looks of my platoon commandant, Richard, and fall for his cajoles to match? Somebody tell me why.

One time, I wanted to run away from the parade ground when it got too much. I just heard...

"Anna, where do you think you are going?"

I was almost tempted to say "Richard, can't you see my natural hair is getting dry, and crying for help. This sun is not allowing it to get the moisture it deserves. Matching is absolutely not for ladies with natural hair."

And then he would go "Anna, are you in sane. What the hell are you talking about?"

And then, I would say "Oh well, you don't know. Well then, let me educate you. According to Curly Nikki and Black Girl with Long Hair, the Natural Hair 101 course tells us that natural hair is very thirsty. We must always prepare it for hot weather by properly moisturising and sealing with a oils and butters, not forgetting to use leave-in conditioners, and taking advantage of the humid weather by adding a little glycerine to our daily spritz, so it could attract moisture. Not too much glycerine, Richard, just a little. But you see, the thing is I forgot many of these goodies at home, because I did not know I would fall for your fine boy looks, and allow you to cajole me to join the parade."

And then after my lecture, he would be speechless, and the look on his face would be like all these.


Instead, I just smiled sheepishly and returned to where others were standing at ease. Gosh, my hair is so going to melt before this camp is over. Who sent me message?


  1. hahaha! really funny! nice one babe! the look on his face is classic! kept me laughing for a while.


  2. LOL! That look...priceless!!!

  3. Looool...you are a character!

  4. LMAO!!! LOLA!!! this was funny!! gosh you're funny especially with the short animated video look.
    Nice one bae


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