Pin and Tuck on medium sized two strand twists!

  Happy Tuesday Ladies! The cold has descended hard upon us on this end! In this video,I would like to share with you a Pin and Tuck hairstyle on medium sized two strand twists. I am able to retain moisture on my strands with this hairstyle as the twists are pinned together and tucked away from harmful fabrics, and the harsh weather.Enjoy Ladies and a Blessed Tuesday to all!


  1. It would be nice if there could be screen shots of this video as well because it's not every visitor that can watch online videos due to network connections.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Rubynnia. Sorry about the hitches. Actually, if you notice on this blog, we follow a structure, such as diary on Monday, video tutorial on Tuesday, interview on Wednesday, etc. The fact that you can't watch the video on tuesday doesn't mean you have missed out. Cos bloggers Ebun and Mane Captain sometimes post hair tutorials, using pictures. I hope you can bear with us.

      Making a video tutorial is tasking enough, talk less of adding Picture tutorials so all we can do for now is to appreciate Irene.

      Thanks for understanding.

    2. Hi Ruby
      You can also try pintrest for picture tutorials


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