I need to know more about my Natural Hair


Hi  AN

Saw you on Moments with Mo when the show was about rounding up. I am interested in the Natural hair thing. I have been on natural hair since last year December. Even though I have been doing all sorts of extensions since then. But will have to relax my hair for a friend's wedding next week. After which I would love to go natural.

There are some few things I would  like you to know about my hair.                                      
1. My is hard when its not relaxed for a while. Its painful when I comb it.
2.The edge of my hair (the front hair) is breaking and the entire hair is not healthy.
3.I have been retouching and treating my hair for more than a decade now.
4.I have been using natural sheer butter on my hair  for 2 years.                              

Please help. What can I do?                                



Hi G,

Thanks for your mail. I hope you are enjoying your natural journey so far.

Straight to a few responses. First of all, I will like to say that you don't have to relax your for a wedding, whether you are on the train or not. The fact that you will consider relaxing your hair because of a wedding is even making me wonder your real reason for going natural. Please, read this post and the comments for more info.

As for your hair being hard and painful to comb, this is not exclusive to you. I suspect you haven't been doing things like deep conditioning, regular moisturising, combing hair wet, etc to your hair. Natural Hair has to be properly pampered to be enjoyed.

The edges of your hair are thinning, most probably as a result of abuse of extensions and chemicals. You have to ease on the extensions so your edges can recover. Pls, read this post.

In the mean time, I will advise that you read our blog well, and get various tips on how to maintain natural hair.


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