When You Finally Decide To Go Natural


Hi ladies

In recent times, the number of enquries I've received concerning natural hair has been on the rise. A lot of ladies are clueless as to the procedures of going natural. They want to know how to manage the texture of their hair when they finally decide to big chop or transition, the products to use and so on.
  So today I'm gonna be giving guidelines to live by when you finally gather courage to stop the use of relaxers

1. Make up your mind

Don't join the train because it's becoming a fad or anything, make up your mind and stand by your decision.

2. Decide on Big Chopping or Transitioning.
Are you bold enough to rock your TWA? Or would you rather grow your hair out to an extent before big chopping? [Some people transition up to 3years]

3. Create A Hair Regimen.
That is if you don't have one already. Start with the simple basic products like Shea butter and Olive oil. Don't be too hasty to try out products. Let your regimen be stress-free and convenient. Set aside some time or a day in a week for deep conditioning.

4. Study your hair.
As a beginner, it might be too soon to determine your hair type so don't bother yourself with it YET but study it. Does your hair have a high or low porosity? That would determine the method of moisturizing. How often do you need to shampoo and so on.

5. Be Patient.
Don't expect too much. You just started. Be patient.

6. Love your hair and rock it!
Why else would you be going natural if not to flaunt it? LOL.

7. Read, read and read!!!!
There are tons of hair blogs and videos on the internet, you have no excuse.

If you still have any problems, contact us here @ AN. We would love to here from you.

Till next time.
Stay beautiful


  1. Wonderful article.You hit the nail on the head.

  2. i agree with the first and last point the most. especially the first one. you have to know the reason why you're making the transition and then gather knowledge on how to take care of your hair.

  3. wonderful , i started 6 months ago and im loving my hair , i do have issues with styling as im too lazy to try out different styles and then i have a dry scalp , but apart from that my hair is geting better, i even tried out the bantu knots n it was lovely when i took it out

  4. Thanks for this timely post. Knowledge is power - arming yourself with knowledge is important in your natural hair journey

  5. I'm one year into being natural and its the best decision I made after loosing weight. Problem is hair products with alcohol I heard are not good for natural hair.


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