Mane Matters with Akibo Tomilola

Hello Naturalistas,

Trying to bring a new twist to mane matters, starting with myself of-course  Natural Hair journey so far in pictures. 

This is my one year journey before I did another BC, I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

My long hair. I miss it - sometimes- *sobs*

Trying to Transition, didn't work. 


More TWA

Yes, I fine small :)

I Love twist outs

Trying Mini-Afros

When all else fails? Tie a scarf my dear... ;)
More Twists

Wash and go worked well for me too

The fro-hawk phase

Couldn't get over it

Longer twists and fros

See how my hair blew out? Good times
Protective enough? me Think :)

Now, I have cut my hair again. I am documenting my hair journey again. Want to share your hair journey in pictures with me? 

Send me an e-mail:


  1. yes i wanna share mine. from Afrogang!! ---- to Low cut. once a week. :D

    1. Didi.. Must you be naughty? Oya shoot me an e-mail na :p

  2. You are really cute. How do you do these pic arrangements? Manually on powerpoint, or you use a particular app?

    1. Thanks :)

      I used Picasa. It just helpe you pile the pictures in a collage beautifully. Lovely!

  3. What a journey...I err will be watching from the sidelines.

  4. why are you cutting your hair again?
    seems like you like mohawk ;)

  5. how do u do ur twist outs , it looks really nice, how pls , especially the long ones and then the fro hawk??

  6. I'm pretty sure I feel like cutting my hair :D


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