Length checks for hair: To do or not to do?

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The Afro hair in its natural state is very elastic in nature, thus growth can be concealed. I mentioned in my last post that I am not in the habit of doing length checks, but it's just me and I'd like to attribute it more to laziness, perhaps. While doing constant length checks can be limiting, it also has some very good scores. 

I'll highlight the good parts and the bad parts

The cons:
- It can be limiting.
Due to the concentration on growth, people fail to pay attention to other parts of their hair journey.

- It can lead to anxiety.
Anticipating for hair growth leads to anxiety. People sometimes use drastic measures to achieve hair growth. Anxiety of any kind isn't healthy. 

- It can lead to hair damage.
Some people do not want to waste any of their anticipation on imaginations, so they find ways to ensure they get the surest depiction of their true lengths by stretching their hair out to the maximum, more often than not, this is done via heat. There is no need to mention that due to the excessive exposure to heat, frequent length checks can be bad for the health of the hair. 

The pros: 
- keeping tab of your length can indirectly inform you on which products/techniques is either retarding your growth or enhancing it. If you notice a lot of growth after a certain period, then it is very possible that there is something in your regimen that is responsible for that. In the same vain, if the outcome is a negative one, you can also trace it to a recent change. 

- Checking your hair regularly can spike your zeal to keep you going. If your hair is growing well, you will want to put in the steps to keep it growing. If it isn't growing as it should, you will want to add more  efforts. Either way, it is a good motivational force.
However, this is the part where you have to be very careful. I already mentioned it when I was highlighting the bad points that if you become obsessed with it, it could head right straight to the negative side. You have to tread with caution to avoid unnecessary anxiety.

Lastly, I would like to recommend that you just enjoy your hair journey. Embrace every single part of it and make the most of every chance it poses. 

Don't forget to keep your heads high and rock your kinks with pride

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  1. I've never done length checks, but have been thinking about it recently. I might want to do a Castor Oil challenge for 3 months and see if it works...

  2. I just might be joining in on that challenge :)

  3. i like the presentation of both pros and cons. we all do length checks consciously or unconsciously. I never did when I had relaxed hair because I had accepted my stagnant growth. But i now do it to track my progress, as I want to make sure I don't go back to my old ways. Castor oil challenge is great for people who are disciplined enough to follow through with something consistently, which isn't me :(
    You ladies can try it out and give us an update.


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