How Natural Hair Transitioners Can Deal With Breakage


Hi ladies.

The most daunting aspect of transitioning is dealing with breakage. The clash between the old relaxed growth and the new kinky growth is inevitable. Instead of making a fuss over it, we're gonna try as much as possible to prevent it by dealing with it before it goes out of hand.

1. Do a Black Tea rinse regularly. This helps to reduce excess shedding and breakage as black tea is full of antioxidants that help hair to become stronger while maintaining its strength and elasticity to decrease breakage.

2. Keep your hair moisturized at all times as dry hair is prone to breakage.

3. Deep condition as often as possible. The importance of DC cannot be overemphasized.

4. Reduce the use of heat. Flat-ironing,blow-drying and the rest. Try to opt out for protective styles that do not require the use of heat.

5. Give your hair a hot-oil treatment. This softens the hair and minimizes breakage.

6. Pre-poo regularly as it minimizes breakage by helping your hair retain some moisture when you shampoo.

7. Wear protective styles regularly. The less manipulation,the better.

8. Protect your hair at night. Use either a satin scarf or a satin pillow case.

Alright ladies. There you have it.. Breakage can totally be handled.

How do you deal with yours?

Stay beautiful

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  1. I'm not transitioning but this an excellent post for those who are or thing about it. It's best to get into the healthy haircare habit now even with your relaxed hair. Breakage might not be seen as a big deal since you'll end up cutting the relaxed ends. But you have to be able to see a change in the health and length of your hair overtime. And when you become fully natural, you would have been a pro without the need to experiment anymore.

  2. wow... did not know you had contents on this site... Thanks a lot. I'll put this to practice. I am not transitioning but I think my hair doesn't just like the weather or should I say the country. Never had hair breakage when I was back home. Thanks again.


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