Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 10

It just occurred to me that I have never actually mentioned what I do for a living in this diary, not like I do much anyway. I am actually working in a small scale company, while awaiting NYSC. Yesterday, a colleague of mine told me that the reason why I am free to carry my natural hair the way I do is because I have not started working full time in one of those big companies. I did not even bother to dignify his comment with a response. I have learnt to pick my battles, when it comes to this natural hair issue.

When I got home, I thought about his comment. Before then, I had never actually giving a thought to how I would style my natural hair when I start working professionally, or how it would be perceived in such environments. I have a friend in Nigeria, who never even bothered applying to a bank for work, because she had dreadlocks on. She ended up working in one of the Big 4 auditing and consulting companies, since they were not really fazed about her locks, as long as she kept it neat. I am just sure if I am ready to make such sacrifice for my natural hair. And to think of going back to weaves and harmful extensions… Oh, I’ll rather not think about it. Damn this colleague for sending me down this thought lane.

Moving on to more sanguine matters, remember my date in this post? Well, it is official. We are now an item. Of course, I am the first natural hair lady he’s been with. I hope he doesn’t get discouraged when he runs his hands through my hair, and ends up with coconut and castor oil residue. I can imagine the look on his face if his hands gets wet after touching my hair, and he’ll wonder where the water came from, not knowing I had probably put too much glycerine, and called on river Niger to reside in my hair, lol. He is just a little bit taller than me, but I would pay any amount to see the look on his face when I occasionally become taller than him, by the time I am able to rock a giant afro. I know, I know… I am being mischievous, right? Well, at least, I have gotten myself out of the previous melancholy my colleague brought on me.

So, what’s his name? I’ll tell you soon.

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  1. Love your diary and I agree in a way when you have a full time/demanding job, there has to be a change in your regimen to suit your new lifestyle.



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