Braids Take-down for Natural Hair


How's your week been? I hope it's been good. For the past 2 weeks I've talked about getting braids done - what to do before you braid, how to take care of your hair while in braids... and now I'm going to address the steps that should be taken when removing your braids. (I just took mine out on Wednesday)

    The first thing you need to do is make sure you condition your hair. This adds moisture to your hair and softens it, making it easier for the braids to slip off. On my part, I made a mixture of leave-in conditioner, olive oil and water in my spray bottle. I took care to spray from different angles, and to ensure that I reached every part of my hair. Some people do this step the day before, but I did mine a couple of hours beforehand
    Coat your hands with oil before taking your braids off. This ensures that you have a good amount of slip, while it also helps keep your hair moisturized.
    Now comes the hard part. If you've had the braids in for a long time, then your hair might have matted together, or your roots are clumped due to product buildup. Gently detangle your hair using your preferred method - finger detangling, or with a wide-tooth comb. Make sure to remove any knots gently, so that you minimize hair breakage.
  4. WASH
    Once your hair's been adequately detangled, you need to wash the dirt and products out. Some may choose to do an ACV rinse or use a clarifying shampoo, to tackle the product buildup. In addition, if you wash your hair in sections, you may do so.
    Finally, your hair's clean and you can go back to your usual regimen of moisturizing, sealing and putting in protective styles (or wearing your hair out). I typically like to let my hair breathe after it's been hidden for a while. This time though, I've had to redo my custom wig, which I will be wearing for a play at church this Sunday. So my hair's back in hiding. I honestly can't wait to take off my wig (which is temporarily sewn onto my cornrows) after Sunday. 
PLEASE NOTE: There WILL be some breakage. The key here is to minimize the amount of breakage that you might have experienced. 

Have a wonderful weekend.

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  1. good points, i usually do a deep conditioning the day before and moisturize. Then I loose the next day on dry hair. hair is at its weakest when wet and my hair breaks a lot when I style wet.
    And I would use my fingers to seprate the matter hair at the bottom to separate the hair strand and use my fingers to remove any lint and product build up. And I put my hair in a style for a week and wash the following week :)


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