Deep Conditioning for your Teeny Weeny Afro (TWA)

Hello Naturalistas,

A while ago I blogged about when i discovered the wonders of Deep conditioning before I cut my hair again.

Since I cut my hair I have not tried to DC, but recently I decided start a regimen that included DC every 2 weeks (for no reason). My hair is growing and combing in the mornings is getting as it be.

Instead of the "mixture" I normally use (Check here) I got the African Naturalistas Deep Conditioning reatment Mayonnaise and compared to my mixture. Oh boy, this was a great relief.

This made the steps less messier, faster, not mushy. Here is what I did:

  • Put some AN Coconut oil evenly on my hair
  • Put the DC batter around my hair and made sure I got every part of my hair
  • Put a plastic bag over it and my swimming cap (Whatever works for you) 
The swimming cap will sha be useful for something abi?
 This was a friday night so,

  •  I let it 'cook' over the night 
you know something totally amazing about this?

IT DID NOT DRIP!! I Meaan. This was my first DC that did not drip, exactly why I decided to keep it till the next morning.

Removing the cap in the morning. See curls? :)
I still did my chores before I went to Shampoo and condition my hair, still no drip.

The other DCs I've done before this one, was always messy and I won't hear the last of it from my mum telling me to stop wasting her honey. Compared to this?
Woooshhh ^_^

I Love this product.

Results of my DC, then wash 'n' go. See my sis bantu knot? ^_^
I am definitely using this over and over again. Have you tried the African Naturalistas Deep Conditioning Treatment Mayonnaise? Yes? Please, lets know what you think.

No? You still like your dripping DC-ing abi? What are you waiting for?

Come and give your testimony when you are done :)


  1. I've used it! Loved it! Currently using AN's shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, hair butter, castor oil, and glycerine. Just added the dandruff thingy to my line, so I'll be using it very soon.

    Your hair looks lovely.

    *I think I want to cut my hair*

    1. WOW!! You are an AN Evangelist!!! Niceee.

      Thanks :)
      NOOOOOO!! Dont cut your hair :(

  2. OMgosh. I am like the proudest person on earth right now. Thanks for this. I really love how the hair feels after the DC Mayonnaise is washed away.

    When I see cute TWAs like yours, I feel so bad that I never really properly rocked and enjoyed my TWA days.

    1. Yes, You should be, the product is amazing!!

      Yes, it feels so amazing.

      hehehe :)

  3. I've put mayonnaise and egg DCs on hold because they drip and my hair feels hard afterwards, even after a moisture DC (my hair is always changing). I'm sure AN products are hairmazing!
    Berry: thinking of joining other Naturalistas doing the 2nd BC? jenell of KCCM (kinkycurlycoilyme) just did one. :)

  4. that statement "dripping DC" Nice post by the way. I'll try getting it.

  5. oh yeah , mu mum finished my shea radiance DC and then i went on Jumia looking for one and then i stumbled on AN's products and googled them and decided to try out their DC , it worked so well for me , 6 months post relaxer and im loving my hair even without the big chop

    1. Wow. Glad you like the product. Thanks for your patronage.


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