Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 12

Dimeji... yes, that's his name. The very recent boyfriend whose name I have been hiding from you all, lol. Dimeji and I went for a party on Saturday.What I went through is better narrated than experienced.

I did a twist out, derived out of a 10-day old twist. Because my hair can be quite frizzy at times, my curls were not so defined. And since my hair is not so long, I decided to pin it in one or two places, so it was like an updo, but not quite one, if you get what I mean.

I could swear that my hair was looking fly when we left the house. If it wasn't, Dimeji would have said something about it. He could be very blunt at times.

When we got to the part, he introduced me to Tony, a very close friend of his, and his girlfriend, Yemisi. After the initial 'Hi's and 'Hello's, we settled down, and started some small talk. I noticed that Yemisi was casting glances at my hair. At first, I thought she was admiring it, but after some whispers here and there into Tony's ears, I began to think otherwise. I started to feel uneasy, and couldn't converse as freely as I had previously been doing.

Out of the blues, Yemisi asked if I had anything against making my hair. She asked if I had my hair this way because of religion, the church I attend, or a revolution I was joining. To say I was speechless was an understatement. I mean, I know people could be rude to natural-hair ladies, but for crying out loud, she made these statements right in front of our boyfriends! Was she trying to bring me down or what? I mean, my relationship is just a month old, and this is not the kind of drama I need in front of my boyfriend now.

I did not answer her, I just gave her a fake smile, and looked at her well-manicured nails, fake lashes, and lace wig. She noticed the direction of my eyes, and in turn started at my short unpainted nails. After five minutes, I couldn't stand it any more. I told Dimeji to take me home, as I was unwell. He didn't protest, since he already sensed my uneasiness.

When I settled into his car, I stylishly looked at my hair in the side mirror, and noticed that it was no more the way it was when I left home. It had so many flyaways, due to frizziness. The slightly cool weather had had its way with the hair, and the previously undefined curls now even looked like a soaked sponge.

But so what? So what my hair wasn't looking fly any more? Did that warrant such comment from her? I hope I won't be seeing her any more. Arrant nonsense!


  1. lol. as a naturalista, i have come to ralise that no matter how fabulous your natural hair looks, there are people who will still never appreciate it. once you ustand that, the criticism is honestly easier to handle. as for me, i no send person oh! my hair. my rules!

  2. People sha...LOL. My dear pls rock your hair and send no one.

    But what i usually advise is with the afro/natural hair, you have to make sure your make up, accessories and other things are on point.



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