Henna treatment for my Natural Hair!

Hallo my lovelies! Today I want to share with you my simple Henna Treatment that I do once every month.My hair came under vicious attack from split ends and as a result I had to undergo a 'Big Trim'! I think my hair had become vulnerable to split ends as I had become relaxed on my healthy hair treatments and was not keeping up my balance of moisture and protein like I used to. This is very important ladies, so please look into your regimen and make sure that your hair is receiving its adequate supply of moisture and protein so as to remain in tip top shape and avoid those nasty splits! I keep things very simple with my Henna application, but do feel free to tweak this regimen to suit yourself. Henna has a wealth of benefits for natural hair. It mimics a protein treatment and coats the hair shaft thus resulting in thicker stronger strands, it gives shine to the hair and it greatly reduces shedding and hair loss.
Enjoy Chicas and I hope I can inspire you to try Henna if you don't already do so! 


  1. I saw the long term effect of henna application on Indian women's hair, the hair turns orange over time...so I guess caution should be take with the monthly applicatuon.

    1. Yea. I don't think monthly application is the best for many people

    2. Thank you for watching Sis!I have been hennaing since I was twelve but have never experienced any drastic hair change.My hair has a very faint hint of red but its only a highlight that is visible in the sunlight.All natural 100% Henna will never alter your hair colour,just give you a highlight at most unless your hair is already a paler shade like white for older people or blonde etc and that's when there may be a drastic colour change.Anybody whose hair colour is changed after a Henna application is not using Natural Henna,there is a lot of Henna currently circulating the market with hair dying agents added to it so if you intend to use Henna long term,you should look out for these types and avoid them because they are also extremely damaging to the hair.Bless up Sis and thank you for watching and commenting,i really appreciate it a lot!

  2. After my hair lost it's natural glow when I dyed it blonde, I began looking for a hair oil to restore its healthy sheen. Not only does the Shielo Hair Oil have a wonderful smell, it made my hair silky soft and gave it a lustrous shine.

    I tried many different hair conditioning products, only to be left disappointed. Many of the other hair oils I tried either did nothing for my hair, or left my hair incredibly greasy. Shielo's Oil is the first conditioning treatment that has left my hair silky soft and shiny without weighing it down.


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