How to deal with a bad hair day

Hi Naturalistas

I have come to believe that having a bad hair day is almost inevitable in a woman's life.

Note: It isn't common to just natural hair rockers. There are those days when you wake up and do not feel an iota of motivation to worry about anything that feels like worry itself. Let's be sincere, natural hair can be a handful. It is on such days that you feel like you have been wasting your time and just want to do a sprint to your bowl of relaxer.

First tip, never keep your relaxer handy. When you are desperate and frustrated, you tend to stop processing your thoughts rapidly, and this will lead to irrational decisions. I always advise whenever you are in a fix, don't make hasty decisions. Think at large! A little thinking will combat the seasons of regret.
That is not to say that bad hair days cannot drive you crazy, they can, we know :)
So here are a few styles to help you get by:

1. A scarf: You can utilize your scarfs in so many ways depending on the state of your hair. If your hair allows you to get away with showing some parts, then you can play around with it, otherwise, a full coverage will still work perfectly. You still have enough room to explore nice styles that will give you a whole new look

2.  A wig: A nice wig can help you deal with your temporary hair frustration. I usually recommend this a lot because people that have been natural for a while recognize the frustrations that come with weaves. Wearing a wig usually gives them a near visualization of how life with weaves used to be. Maybe not exactly, but it's always a real reality check. Let's face it, every hair style choice has it's hurdles, there's really no point nagging about any one. Just choose the one that suits your preferences and give it your best.

3. A cap/hat: If you are going for a casual look, a nice hat works too. You can also play it for a formal look but you have to be very careful with that one. There's a very thin line between looking stylish and getting it all wrong. Of course, if you get it right, you'd be gaining some major scores. I mean like "way off the radar" sorta :)

4. A Beanie: This one is especially great for showcasing just a part of your hair. I usually pull some of my hair to hang out in the front and then secure my beanie to cover the rest of my head.

How do you deal with bad hair days, ladies?
If you haven't thought about it, set your creative mind to work. 
Remember to keep your heads high and rock your kinks with pride

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  1. That's a pretty picture. nice hair tips...

  2. for me, mostly scarves. and in the winter, a beanie or scarf.
    I'm not a hat person, so that's out for me. and as for wigs, I get headaches when I wear them, though I plan to start wearing them again instead of a weave. Afterall, i only need nice hair when i'm out, not when i'm at home or sleeping!

    Very nice piture btw :)

    1. Lol I usually have headaches too
      Thought it was just my head

      Thanks for the compliment :)

  3. I'm a wig girl. I only just started getting into accessories, and it takes me a while to even remember I have any.

    I have a wig on, right now :)

    1. I think I'm more of a hat and scarf person :)


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