Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 6

Aaaaarrrrgggghhhh! Okay, okay. "Breathe in, breath out... in... out..." Can you tell that is me calming myself down? Am I even sure I still want to do this? At this point, I am considering changing the title of this colum from 'Diary of a Honest Naturalista' to 'Dairy of a Frustrated Naturalista'. I am FRUSTRATED... That's what I am.

Just because, I refused to properly moisturise my hair for one week, and the harsh sun had its way with my hair, completely ignoring the fact that I had a wig cap on, before covering it with a beanie hat, I still suffered a little hair damage. Can you imagine?

All my three months hard work on length retention thrown into the thrash, just like that. Wharaheck!!! It started when I noticed that undoing my twists was just a whole lot of hard work. I had never in my life seen such amount of tangles and knots. I immediately started fidgeting. After about two hours, I finished detangling, and stepped into the bathroom.

OMG!!!! What did I see? It was as if I was a cancer patient going through rounds of chemotherapy. My hair was falling off like no man's business. This is just two weeks of twists, so where did all these hair come from? As I was washing, my hair strands just kept snagging on each other. At this point, I was maaaddd. Yes, I know you might say it's just hair, but I won't pretend about the fact that I was raging mad, with a boiling red face. The fact that I was the cause of this did not make matters any better. Should I now die because I have Natural Hair?

You know what I did, I took the comb I had not used to touch my hair in six months, and I passed it through the hair. I kept ripping my ends out with the comb in anger. I was like "If you have decided that you want to fall out, then fall out, but don't take the strands that are still healthy along with you. Now get out of my head!"

No gentle detangling, or careful combing, just continuous ripping out of my hair. So, did that make my hair situation better? No. It just increased my hair damage, and set me far back in my length retention journey. Now if there is one time I hate being a naturalista, this is that time. Rubbish and Nonsense!

5 hours later...

Hmm, now that I am calm, and my eyes have opened to the damage I have aggravated... I guess I would not cry over spilt milk. After a little research, I just realised that I have to switch to a protein deep conditioning to a moisture deep conditioning. Now, someone tell me... why I did not think of a little research before ripping my ends out? *sighs in regret*

Okay, I am out. See you all next week.

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  1. so honest lol! i havent had such an angry spell yert but i get myself read for that....
    p.s. sorry bout the hair loss...it will grow back don't worry, just remember all tose times you rocked the fro and it obeyed and you'll be happy again..lol again..love this:)


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