Mane Matters with Adebambo Oluyombo

Good Day Naturalistas.

AN: Whats your name and what do you do?

Bambo: I'm Adebambo Oluyombo, a consultant with a training & consulting firm

AN: When did you start growing your natural hair?

Bambo: October 2011

BC - Dec 2011

AN: What was/were the events that led to your decision to go natural?

Bambo: My permed hair was so weak and scanty, plus the front was chopped, it became annoying to me so I cut it off.

AN: How have you managed your hair so far? Any difficulties?

Bambo: Initially I was cool with my low cut till hubby decided he wanted hair. My major challenge is styling as I prefer to go on my Afro, but that gets tiring and once I wash the hair, it shrinks and that's bye bye to my Afro.
Rocking the 'fro

AN: I know there are some friends/family that just don’t get, what are your responses to negative comments about your hair?

Bambo: I've learnt to ignore them since the hair is on my head not theirs. lol. But I've got a lot of cute comments too.
Comb twist-outs

AN: What does your husband think about your hair? 

Bambo: He doesn't like it but has learnt to live with it. Hehehehe
Bambo goes to school

AN: I also notice that you have your hair in locks, when did you decide to lock it and why?

Bambo: My locks are almost two weeks old and I decided to go this path because I really need to treat my chopped hairline. Wanted to stay off braids and Ghana weaving for as long as I can to see if the lost hair can will grow again.

Hair-line :(

AN: What is your must have hair treatment and accessory?

Bambo: Hair treatment would be my Jamaican Black Castor Oil! I love the smell and I can see changes in my hair line already.

Accessories? naaaa. I'm a typical tomboy.

AN: Advice for anyone trying to go natural? (Something you wish someone told you before you made your decision)

Bambo: I'll advise anyone who wants to go natural to read up and do a lot of research on products, styling and all. Its amazing all the stuff I read online and even the natural hair blogs out there. Didn't know I could do that when I did the big chop cos I did that out of frustration. Wish I knew all about deep conditioning, hot oil treatments, moisturizing and hair porosity. It's never too late though.
Early dreadlocks *Fingers crossed*

AN: Thanks a lot for your time.

Bambo: You're most welcome! My pleasure

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