7 steps to take with your natural hair before visiting the salon

Hi Naturalistas

A common problem with girls with natural tresses is dealing with their hair stylists.

The fact that you have natural hair does not mean that you have to go through the pains of styling your hair yourself every time. It is true that no one will be more cautious about your hair than you, but at the same time, you can make the job easier for any one who has to deal with your hair. 
I do know that there are a lot of natural hair salons, where ideally you can take your near rough hair and head down and expect a real transformation. However, there is a better way of presenting your hair. It doesn't need to look all rough and uncared for just because you are going to the salon. When people look at your hair, they can tell if you are a lazy naturalista or not.
I especially like to present my hair in a nice and healthy state. Most especially, I try to ensure that my hair will not be destroyed in the process of getting just one temporary style. These are the steps I usually take before handing my hair over the stylists: 

1. I always detangle it very well and make sure there are no knots. I prefer to finger detangle, by the way.

2. Wash it and condition. Most times, I co-wash (that is washing with conditioner)
I like to wash my hair myself because I use a satin scarf to dry it and not a towel. That is some very special deal in a salon, you know :)
I also prefer to air, dry so I usually let it dry overnight. If I dare wait to wash it at the salon, I sure will need heat to dry it, and I try to minimize the number of times I use heat on my hair.

3. Add any products I want to e.g leave in conditioner, my essential oils

4. Stretch: I usually do these by making about 4-6 flat braids immediately after washing and allowing to dry a little. I then leave it overnight, and by the time I loosen the braids in the morning, my hair is stretched like I blow dried it

5. And comb again: If you do not adequately comb your hair yourself, your stylist will. No one will give it the best TLC combing than you. Take your time and comb it section by section and make sure that it does not need much combing at the salon again, more like ripping apart if you are conversant with what impatient stylists can do to your hard grown hair :)

6. Go with your own comb: If you combed your hair properly, it shouldn't require that tiny little damage they call comb. You need to go with your wide-toothed comb still, just to avoid being tortured by those.

7. Have an idea of what you want to do and explain explicitly to your stylist. A wrong move would be for you to depend on your stylist to create something nice for you, except of course you are dealing with a stylist who is reputable for that. Otherwise you give her a chance to create just anything and make excuses "You know your hair is natural". Also, try to tell her some important things she should be careful about e.g Please, do not pull on my edges.

8. This is just a bonus. If you can, try to book for an appointment before you go, during which you should tell the stylist what kind of style you want to have as well as the texture of your hair. That way, the stylist cannot come up with unnecessary excuses to make you pay extra when she is done. 
You do not have to pay extra just because your hair is natural, you shouldn't. It is either she can make your hair or she cannot.

Remember to keep your heads high and rock your kinks with pride

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  1. Great tips! thanks. Any suggestion of natural salons in Lagos?

    1. My friend will be opening the doors to her natural hair salon, which will be the first in Lagos, by September.

  2. these tips are straight to the point!


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