'Librarian look' inspired hairstyle for in and out of the office!

Hiya Chicas! Today I would like to share with you this very practical and easy to do hairstyle. This look is unique in that, you may choose to wear it to work but at the same time, it will not look too out of place in your down time. Its so practical and that is its beauty, as well as its ease to create. Enjoy Chicas!


  1. lol, I tried to wear my hair in this style the other day after watching it on YT some time back, but unfortunately, my hair wouldn't have it. So I just did another roll, tuck and pin style.
    I'll send u pics of some of your styles I manage to replicate once I finally get around to it.

  2. Awwww thank you darling Sis!I think the hair should really be able to hold this style especially just after a wash because the shrinkage works to your advantage.Looking foreward to your pictures and your sub to my channel lol!Thank you Sis,i really appreciate your watching!Bless up!xxxx

    1. Yea, my hair has an attitude and it can be unpredictable. I'm determined to mould it into a bunch of styles in the last two months I have left for the summer. So we'll see.

      Just Subbed! I thought I did already.
      Look forward to your sub on my blog as well ;)

  3. Really nice... Will try it when my hair grows longer :-) but for now i'll try it on the protective braids i have on.



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