Deep conditioning tutorial: The cool & seal method

I’ve recently come across a method of conditioning that worked wonders for my hair and would like to share it with you.
Many of us suffer from dryness especially after the initial wash and condition wears off, around the 3rd post-wash day I tend to find my hair is in serious need of moisture! However, this method has keep my hair soft supple and moisturised all week long!
Well what is it you ask?
It’s called “the cool & seal deep condition method”
What you do is this:
On wash day cleanse hair (the best method I have found to deeply cleanse, hold onto moisture, help detangle and make curls “pop” is using a clarifying/detoxifying clay, otherwise use a gentle non stripping sulphate free shampoo.
Then wash out shampoo/ clay as normal and apply a deep conditioner leave on hair for 15-30 mins longer for a more intensive treatment if you have time.
Detangle preferably with fingers. Use a steamer if you have one otherwise heat a damp towel in microwave wrap around head and the put a plastic cap over it to keep the heat in.
Remove the cap and towel then let hair cool for around 10-15 minutes this is the first stage of the cool and seal part then apply a runny daily conditioner over your hair (some people dilute this in cold water and THEN pour over the hair i just use a normal undiluted conditioner) then the seal part is rinsing your hair with Cool or Cold water directly after you have applied the daily conditioner. The conditioner ‘locks’ in the moisture and therefore seals in the treatment/deep conditioner.
Remove excess water from hair with a cotton cloth apply a leave in and seal your hair before styling as desired.
By Angela of Haven Organics


  1. Great tip! would try it

    "apply Haven organics nourish and smooth leave in milk and seal" what alternative product would you recommend here?

    1. Hi dear. Sorry, that was supposed to have been changed before the post came up. A good leave-in conditioner would do.

  2. hope its works wonders for me too

  3. I love doing the cool and seal method!! Works great for my hair. Glad others are using the same method and getting great results. Thanks for sharing.


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