Caring for your Natural Hair in summer

Hi Naturalistas

Summer time is here and we get to worry about heat now.
Esp for ladies with the type 4 hair, it feels like we have to fight against everything - heat, cold jeez! Any weather that is in its extreme is not great for your hair. During the summer period, you have to pay attention that your hair doesn't dry out due to the excessive heat and direct sunrays which could suck up all the moisture in your hair, leaving it dry, brittle and unhealthy.

  • To consciously tackle this, invest in products that help with moisture retention e.g. glycerine
  • Indulge in moisture itself for your hair and don't neglect your leave in conditioner
  • Do not forget to seal in the moisture with great oils that also promote water retention such as coconut oil
  • And when you have to stay out in the sun for long, protect your hair with hats or scarves. Not to worry, it can be a nice/fun look depending on how you wear it. Just remember to have fun with it and rock it like a pro

Feel free to add one or two tips at the comment section.

And of course, till I return next week with more tips for your hair care, remember to keep your heads high and rock those kinks with pride

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  1. Useful tips. I have decided to stop dealing with harmattan by braiding with extensions. These tips are also useful for harmattan season in Africa

  2. Also take the opportunity in the summer to be playful and creative with you hair :)

  3. Really nice tips but i would like to know How one can Apply glycerine to the hair? before moisturizing and sealing or after doing a conditioner wash (co-wash)?


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