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I never really got the idea of putting food directly on the hair instead of eating them. Right from the very start, with my little knowledge of integrated science, I know that whatever you eat will be well distributed to all your cells and will manifest on the exterior anyways. I always believe that you can eat them and they will perform all the functions they need to perform on every part of your body including your hair. The first time I had to go to my kitchen and pour some of the olive oil I use for cooking for my hair, I felt like I was just wasting it. Today, olive oil has become one of my staples for my skin and hair.
I decided to stick to 'never say never' and try some of the foods I hear other Naturalistas mention that they used for their hair. Which foods can be used topically?

Avocado: I am not really a fan of eating avocados apart from adding it to my veggie fry or fried egg once in a while. It was easy for me to see an avocado as a hair ingredient rather than food :)
Because of its high fat content, it is great for conditioning hair. When I used it, it left my hair feeling supple and full of life instantly.

Coconut milk: Have I mentioned that coconut rice is my best food yet? Now you know:)
This one was a hard knowing that I could use it to make my Favourite meal instead. Anyway, just so you know this one is never missing in my regimen again. I found an alternative by kura too. Coconut milk is great for protein treatment. When your hair feels weak, limpy and all worn out, it is time to embark on a protein treatment to bring your hair back to life.

Eggs: I know what you are thinking now but it is totally great for your hair. I also use this one when I'm going for a protein treatment. I usually add all three above for my protein treatment.

Honey: Ever since I realized that honey was a better alternative to sugar for my tea,mi knew I could still cure a little bit of my guilt for having a sweet tooth. I mean c'mon, my mum drinks hers without any sweeteners so why not? Not so easy,mso massive 'thank you' for healthy honey that came to the rescue. And when I realized I could use it for my hair, it wasn't easy to come to terms with subjecting 'o so healthy' honey to that but this is also another staple hair care ingredient for me. It helps to lock in moisture and restore shine.

Banana: This one shocked me the first time, I saw someone try it on YouTube. I was like "What? Not my bananas" :)
Anyway, I tried this one, it was a little messy for me but the outcome was rewarding. My hair instantly regained it's elasticity and was all bouncy & stretchy. I'm not sure if I can do justice to it trying to describe it but you need to try it for yourself to know the exact feeling. I don't try this one a lot, so I'm not sure if I can really tell what the long term result is. I only did it when I coloured my hair and I was looking for several techniques to curb the dryness and weakness. It helped, I must confess. 'cause I felt the texture of my hair change immediately back to a more natural feel.

Olive oil: Of course my beloved olive oil just had to make this list. When my hair has to constantly compete with my eggs for who gets the greatest part of the oil, oh it just had to be here. This one has become my greatest savior. It is my most used product. It helps to restore shine, it helps with hair growth and the overall health of the hair.  Olive oil is truly great.

Tea: I learnt about the tea rinse a while back but I just tried it only yesterday. I'm not sure I can tell you exactly what the results were but I felt my hair have a remarkably soft finish. I still need to try it a couple of times before I can make any real remarks about it.

Which foods have made it from your kitchen shelves to your 'hair robe' ? Do tell

Remember to keep your heads high and rock your kinks with pride

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  1. I regularly use olive oil in my spray bottle.

    I haven't tried other foods. Maybe one day - when I live by myself. :p

  2. Palm Oil, ACV,Baking Soda,Mayonnaise.



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