African Naturalistas Vegetable Glycerine (250ml)

Need moisture? Used in many hair and skin products, glycerine is a  humectant. It attracts moisture to the hair and skin. It is usually added to spritz for hair, and skin creams. It is added to carrier and essential oils to be used on skin and hair.


  1. hi, please i would like to know if this is vegetable glycerine or just glycerine. thanks

  2. pls where can i get ur products.i want to mk my hair natural without cutting i need ur help pls

    1. Please, let me first of all say once your hair is relaxed, it can't be natural again. Sooner or later, you would need to cut off the relaxed part. You can get our products by placing an order via this link.


  3. and again it beaks alot due to d different relaxers i was using


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