A simple homemade detangling mixture for your hair

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Are you trying to save cash after spending so much on hair products and other stuff?
after all, it's not only hair you've got to spend money on. You've got to feed too.

I had a little mixture in my bottle after reading something similar.
and so, the ingredients include:

=a water based leave in conditioner containing majorly natural products
=Castor oil
=olive oil
=hair mosituring liquid
and that was all
And guess what I got?
A very nice detangling product. I could also spray this on my hair every morning before going to work as it leaves my hair moisturised after sleeping overnight with a satin bonnet.
This was sprayed on my twists though?

So what home made regimen do you have in stock to share that served you well as a detangler as well as a daily moisturising therapy? Drop it right in the comment box thank you
Much love xo

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