Is Heat an abomination for Natural Hair Ladies?

hello natural chicas...

I'm sure with the number of blogs, vlogs and so many other stuffs we see everywhere on the Natural Hair topic, with Dos and Donts, you're bound to wonder about so many things.
One of the things i'll be talking about today is Heat.
And in cases like this, Heat tools are the culprits.

As many of you may be wondering from all that you've read, and all the Don'ts of natural hair, most especially if you have fine hair and not coarse hair like most of us, Heat is not an abomination to natural Hair.
It is not a taboo. People tend to see it as a very big disadvantage especially when you're still nuturing your short hair or medium sized hair growth but it isnt really. Yes, it has it's disadvantages. And what doesn't have a disadvantage in this life? Too much of everything isn't good, and you just have to be careful and disciplined.

Things you should know about blow drying and flat ironing

-It shouldnt be a weekly routine.

-The hair cuticles are in their fragile state when wet, and so, when straightening or flat ironing your hair, make sure it is not in it's wet state.
-Try getting a heat serum to apply on the hair evenly after blowdrying before flat ironing.

When you're about to use a flat iron, make sure you use the type that is flexible within it's heat distributon range. Same with a blow dryer so that it's not permanently on a particular degree that could burn out your hair when you begin passing it through.

-Hair burns at 451 degree celsius and so be careful you are far away from the range where your hair begins to smell and roasted bacon.
-If you are going to apply heat to your hair, it should be done once or twice yearly and when straightened, make sure the style you want to do takes like two weeks before washing. Yes. and then you begin planning another style after wash day.

Some people's straightened hair lasts for a month and as cool as that sounds, mine didn't. I wish it could though. I saw a product tagged Silk elements on Youtube that actually contributed to the girl's flat ironed hair lasting for a week.

-Sometimes, I know we want to just flaunt the length of our hair and so straightening does a good job with that. but you don't indulge forever.

When you're about to flat iron or blow dry, make sure you have moisturising products(i.e products that help you lock in moisture when your hair is getting dry so that it doesn't rip out while straightening.)
This will do you a lot of good.
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  1. In this heat matter, it is important for us to know our hair. Some people can use heat up to 4 or 6 times a year, and their hair will still be in a very healthy state, while some people can use heat just once, with all the precautions and the protectants in the world, yet they start having problems and can't retain length well, so you should know what works for you.

    As for me, I don't do heat at all. I've never really been a fan of straight hair, anyway.

  2. I think it's all about the technique you use as well as the health of your hair. I use heat (blow dry or flat iron) on my hair about 1-2times a year, and i've never seen any damage, never has my hair really been perfectly straight. I guess I would have been more successful had I used a better product line or get it done at a salon. for example, curly nikki's sister and mom keep their hair heat straightened most times of the year and they don't have any damage. So they key point here is to practice with caution


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