Bliss - A hair story

I felt my head nagging with pain
I let stress get to me again
I can't keep popping up these pills
I know better than to indulge in analgesics
It never does the body any good

I filled my tub with fresh water
Not minding my freshly made twists out
I dumped myself inside
I soaked in there for about an hour
And all the pains were gone

I can't remember the last time I experienced such bliss
Perhaps when I was a kid
Not having to worry about messing up my perms or weaves
I felt the water seeping through my head and feet
I'd love to feel that more often

I towel dried my hair and combed it out
I made a quick dash in front of a mirror
In less than 5 minutes, I had a whole new look
Oh the versatility of natural hair
Why did I ever hesitate in making this move?

Just thought we might take a few seconds and appreciate what we have :)
Wish y'all a great Sunday

twitter: @janylbenyl

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