Transitioning to Natural Hair? Tips for maintenance

Hello Kinylets!

So are you thinking of going natural but scared of doing the BIG CHOP? If your answer is yes, then this post is for you! I have had many ladies come up to me asking for tips to go natural. The first thing I ask them is if they are ready and can be committed to their hair. Then secondly, I ask them if they want to do the BC or transition. If they want to transition then I give them tips for maintenance and useful hairstyles below...

 Are you prepared for the two different textures? My advice is be patient and try and manage them. Remember to treat your relaxed ends and the demarcation between the relaxed and natural hair with extra caution, oil them constantly because they are prone to breakage. Also, keep your new growth moist and healthy at all times.

In other for you to remain sane and not yank your hair out because of the different textures, try doing different protective hair styles, this will help keep your hair looking neat and tidy, also preventing breakage. Below are a few simple hairstyles you can imitate.

Flat cornrows with a flower by the side

Curlouts/ braidouts with side parting and a flower on the side

Heat from straighteners, tonging iron, and blow dryers can cause your hair to be brittle and frail. Blow dryers and not necessarily bad if its on low-medium heat. The reason I think using heating tools for your hair is bad is because the demarcation between your natural and relaxed hair is very weak, and if heat is applied to it constantly it will cause breakage and spilt ends. If you have to apply heat to your hair, then its best to use heat protective serum before and after heating, this will seal your hair and prevent heat from penetrating directly to your hair.

Heat Protectant  sprays

This cannot be overly emphasized! Water is the key agent for growth and healthy hair. If you want a healthy head of hair water should be your best friend. It not only nourishes your body but it extends its nurtients to your hair keep it moist and healthy! So sisters start drinking gallons of water today!

I hope this helps and gives you insight on how to handle transitioning!

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