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Hi Naturalistas
There is a vast majority of ladies who complain about spending money on products as one of the challenges they face as naturals. Sometimes you hear people say "Natural hair is expensive to manage". I am not oblivious of the fact that there are a lot of products out there that claim to make your journey extremely blissful and one can easily be carried away by these claims, especially if you do not even understand what to do to your hair. You realize that most new naturals tend to depend a lot on products that have heavy claims and since there are a lot of them out there, they tend to spend so much collecting products rather than actually caring for their hair.

Being a natural with great tresses is not expensive as most people seem to believe. I personally, spend less on my hair these days compared to when my hair was relaxed. You just need to understand why you shouldn't really spend the money on the products you do. It is as easy as that.
Here are a few tips to help you get by:
1. Understand what your hair needs
Your hair doesn't need all the products that is being sold for naturals. Every hair has its peculiarities.
There is really no point buying every product out there in the market when your hair doesn't require them. Why are you buying that particular product? Always define this for yourself and you will curtail your excesses.

2. Verify the claims
Be inquisitive. Research. Ask questions. Read reviews. You have to understand that sometimes people just write stuff to sell their products. Perhaps, all you wanted was a product that helps soften your hair, and the product claims to do that but you only realize after spending your money and time on it that it is just not it. You have to understand that most of these people are marketers and they may just know the best lines that will sell the most. Ask questions I repeat.

3. Compare products
Sometimes you see a very catchy product and it just feels exactly like the solution to your hair problems. Turn it around and read the details. What is it made of? How is the new gel you just saw different from the one you have already? If it has the same constituents, then, it probably just does the same thing just with a new name and maybe hype.

4. Look for cheaper alternatives
Apart from styling products, I do not really buy manufactured products for maintaining my hair. Most of what I use to manage my hair on a daily are natural ingredients you can easily find and do not need to spend so much on.
Watch out for a post on the products I use soon and why I use them. I'll probably just put it together as my regimen, so watch out.
Until next time, don't forget to keep your heads high and rock your kinks with pride

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  1. I just stick to the hair products that I've always used and have always worked for me. no need buying more that do the same job. btw, thanks for the post x

  2. These are good points.

    I personally have refused to buy new products until I'm finished with the ones I already have.

    In addition, it would be cheaper and more helpful to get samples or buy travel sizes of products that you want to try.

    1. Yea, the mini size tip totally works. Thanks for the tip


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