Please help: I lost my hair to weaving with extensions

Hi AN,

I wove my hair with extensions years ago and it was very uncomfortable, especially along the lines of the parting but I didn't know the extent of damage until I loosened it. The hair along the parting line fell right out.

I didn't think anything of it cause I figured it would grow out so it wasn't until years later that I was advised to quit relaxing cause the patch was spreading. I could show you a picture. 

I need your advise on how to grow that part out back. I did cut my hair over 3 years ago now and I have done the clean swipe twice. Everywhere else but that part has grown back. It is closing up (I pray) but I really need to know what to do.

I have to keep wearing wigs as a result or fix a weave although am careful about that part. So, help! Please?


Hi A,

Thanks for getting in touch with us. What happened to you is so unfortunate. I guess the hairdresser pulled your hair too tight.

You are suffering from traction alopecia. I am happy that you have seen some changes in your hair over time.

I would strongly advise that you stay off extensions for a while, please. 

Continual use of extensions would cause the recovery of your hair to be minimal of even non-existent. Try sticking to wigs for about one more year, and you should see a big leap in the change.

Also stay off relaxers and harmful chemicals for a while too, its good you are already doing that, at least, till your hair recovers fully.

You would really need patience. In the mean time, you can get castor oil from a supermarket. Dilute it with olive oil or coconut oil, and massage that area every morning and night, after spraying a little water on it. You can add a drop of lavender oil to this mix, if  you can lay your hands on it. 

If you are interested, I sell a hair butter that helps with alopecia, but that is only if you are interested.

Please, please, and please, once your have fully recovered from your traction alopecia, stay away from Ghana Weaving.

I hope I was able to help you.

Best Regards



  1. i'll also recommend just wearing your hair out. most wigs are tight and can also contribute to traction alopecia. And if you must braid, i'll suggest doing a chunky box braid. This way, the extensions won't weigh your hair down and pull it with it. I'm not sure which country you reside in, but i'll suggest looking for a Liberian hair braider. They are the only African I know not to braid hair too tight.
    **My ultimate advice would be to wear your hair out for about 3 months and be the "Mane Captain" of your hair by styling your own hair. That way, you can control the tightness of it**

    1. Trust me Mane Captain, this lady can not wear her hair out. She sent me the pictures. I even had to see her physically, and I must tell you, it is really bad. It would remind you of River Niger and River Benue separating Nigerian regions when you see the part the extension destroyed. It is a very wide straight line patch right in the middle of her head.

      The damage extensions have done to some people's hair is so bad that they cannot expose it till it completely heals.

    2. That is very bad. That's why I recommend just styling her own hair or sourcing out a Liberian hair stylist. I guess her only option would be to wear a loose wig while she nurse her hair or do a "big chop"?
      But my advice to her would be to be the main stylist of her hair, stay away from all hair stylists! The sad thing is there are so many women like her who continue to damage their hair and instead pay more attention to their weaves. Goodluck Anne!

  2. very funny right? but same happened to be early this year but i have been using JBCO since then believe me my hair is growing back, try that also.

  3. I really want to knw if d castor oil mentioned is also the same type used for medication prescribed by Doctors for constipation. Please I need an answer soon before I turn bald

    1. Yes, you can also use the one prescribed by doctors for constipation. I used to use that before, but stopped, since there were cheaper options for me.

  4. Ghana braids are a big no no. They look good but when u take them out hmm poof edges be gone :(. That is one style I will not be trying!


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