Natural Hair: Is it a Hell No? or Hell Yes?

Have you ever seen the look on people's face when you they try to confirm if you're natural or if their eyes are just blurry, and they find out you're actually carrying Natural Hair
They look at you like


And then you smile cos you know you are just too much!!
You're a hero!
You have the courage, you have the strength
You must be a Superworking mum or single lady!
but as for me, nah...

Here's how it goes
---gosh! do you guys have to use all these products on Wash Day?..
---did you actually do this style all by yourself?
Qui Madame

---You spend so much on this hair, haba..., relaxing every now and then doesn't even take as much stress as you guys do with this whole natural therapy thing
Well, did i complain? When next you get your hair toasted during your perming sessions, please don't complain to me either.

---I'm also going to do the big chop. soon..,pretty soon
I await that day mi amigos

There's also the belief that Natural hair doesnt look fine enough or glossy enough. Doesn't have that shine to get attention.
Well, is it attention you want? Try rocking your natural afro, and you'll get more attention than when you use extensions.
Another breaking news is that lazy people cannot maintain natural hair, and so if you want to get yourself back on track, have a natural hair schedule that will keep you on your feet.

As for the "Hell No Part, Well, never say never. 
The good thing is, even if you do the big chop and you're worried that what if you get into that "mood'' of not making your hair or not even having time or not even knowing what to do to it, you can never lose.
In fact, there are days you won't even feel like doing anything like "procedure'' to your hair at all, but dont lose hope, that's why this blog is here.
That's why creative minds are born, and yours can be given birth to even right at that moment
Things you can do
-You can do a head-wrap or get a good beanie (if done well, you'd turn out nice)
examples are:





-You can co-wash and fluff out as an afro          

-and you can just use clips to hold the hair in the right places



So with all of the above, is Natural Hair still a Hell No or Hell Yes for you?



  1. Hell Yes! See how cute thee styles are! You can totally rock any style. I'm currently on transition. ;) and i can't wait to rock my full natural hair.


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