Is Red Palm Oil really good for the hair


Hi AN,

Okay, so I am interested in getting the hair care range which you offer.....however, I am a little confused about the ingredients in the Deep conditioner...You have on there, Palm Oil? Do you mean Palm kernel Oil? Or actually Palm Oil? Reason I ask is that I could have sworn I read somewhere that this should not be applied directly to the hair. Please correct me if I'm wrong. 

Also, can the tea rinse replace/substitute that of the apple cider vinegar (basically looking for a cheaper Also, can my regular green tea bag or Tetley black tea bags suffice for this rinse?

Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks


Hi A,

Thanks for contacting us, we really appreciate it. 

As for the DC mix, yes, it has palm oil as an ingredient - red palm oil, not palm kernel oil. You can read several benefits of using palm oil on the here in these links

You will find many more links, if you do your search. I strongly doubt that it is bad for the hair, but I would never use it as a lone ingredient for my hair, as it would be so messy, and would stain everywhere. Maybe that's why you were warned not to apply it directly to your hair.

Tea rinse and ACV do completely different stuffs for the hair. ACV is used to get rid of build up on the head, especially for your scalp. Tea rinse is actually good for conditioning hair, dandruff issues, etc, depending on the type of tea you use. ACV is very cheap affordable, so it shouldn't be an issue.

We hope we have been able to help you with your enquiry.

Please, let us know the products you want to order, so we can deliver to you.



  1. Yeah i agree. Palm oil is very good for the hair. You can use it as a DC.

  2. I didnt know that red palm oil was so good for your hair! Thanks for sharing!


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