How to go natural: Transition or do the big chop ASAP?

Hi Naturalistas!
Going natural simply means caring for your hair with natural products as opposed to processing it with chemicals. People usually process their hair to modify the texture for easy management and styling.
Natural hair products will not alter the normal structure of your hair. As Africans, our hair was created to be kinky and nappy naturally. Being able to retain this sort of hair type will prevent undue damage to the hair. The hair from the roots to the ends has to be maintained in such a way that it follows this natural pattern, which is why people usually need to start things afresh whenever they become aware that they didn't do it right initially.

I know most people do not like to do the big chop leaving behind an extremely short hair. I personally did not quite appreciate it at a point in my life so I can understand if it bothers a lot of people when they have to shave their whole head off to ensure a good start off. The very short hair might not sit so well on some faces, thus making them dread the whole natural hair idea. A lot of people have adopted the technique of transitioning and it has worked for them. The end however is to have a full head of unprocessed and undamaged hair and it does not really matter what methods you take to ensure that. Some people prefer to nurture their short hair from the 'no hair on the head' stage to the days of glory - beautiful, full, thick and long hair. In my opinion, it doesn't really matter, what matters most is what works for you.

I must be sincere with you, both methods have their peculiar pros and cons, and in my opinion, these should be the basis for your preferences.
With the extremely short hair, you have to be very careful with your outfit and makeup. It is almost like you need to work harder to emphasize your persona.
You also have to go through the stress of growing your hair slowly from very short to long again. Styling your short hair can also be strange for people who are not well equipped, as well as it's management.
It could also be very depressing whenever you touch your full head and realize that it has changed a lot from what it used to be. Some people have to work extremely hard to come to terms with their new image after a big chop.
A gradual change through transitioning would be an effective way to manage the social and emotional hiccups.

Contrary to the popular belief, you do not really need to scrape all the hair off to welcome your natural hair. I know it has become some sort of a status quo to show off your big chop video, mark the date you had it and celebrate it like an anniversary. Do not be compelled to it if it is not your cup of tea. This certainly is a case of "different strokes for different folks". I did not do all of that abd you really do not have to. Work with what you are comfortable with.

I cannot over emphasize the need to be comfortable with your hair. During the first days, you might feel some pressure and it is worse if you were already having some basic struggles like trying to come to terms with accepting the new image. I'm not saying your journey would be void of struggles, I'm only saying some of them, like this one can be carefully avoided.
With transitioning, you can allow your hair grow like it has always done except that you have to stop adding restructuring chemicals to your hair. After a certain point, when you believe you have grown enough hair to help you handle your worries well, you can trim the processed/damaged parts off. It is a win - win situation because you always have your full head of hair while still embarking on your natural hair journey (only trim it off when you are well convinced you are ready).
I will intimate you on how to care for transitioned hair next time because it is a different ball game.
Until then, keep your heads high and rock your kinks with pride

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  1. Can't wait for your next post. I am currently transitioning; 7 months and counting and i've kind of managed to work around it knowing i do not plan to do the big chop. I am at that point where i am almost ready to trim the permed tips. I wouldn't mind more tips cos trust me there are some bad hair days :-)

  2. Glad to be of help dear.
    I hope we can solve your bad hair days together :)

  3. Hi Naturalistas I'm planning to do the big chop in 2 weeks and am looking for a good saloon in Abuja that can cut hair stylishly I tried transitioning it didn't work for me pls any reference?

    1. Aww, sorry. I am not conversant with Abuja salons like that. Maybe you can talk to the abuja-based naturalistas you know

  4. What about salons in ph or owerri? Also planning to do the big chop


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