Summary of the Natural Hair Meetup in Lagos 3 (NITC3)


Hi people, sorry for this late update. As usual the Natural Hair meetup was da bomb. Apart from the free hair that the lovely Omozo of O'Naturals did for me, I can't even begin to pick what the high point was for me in the event. It was just so lovely, though I am sad that I still did not win the giveaway prize, and this is the third time in a row this is happening.

As usual, I got there and was really excited to talk to my natural friends, until the first speaker literally drove us in, cos time wasn't our friend.

Before I continue, for all of you who have been asking me to post pictures, you can find pictures here.

The first speaker was a very fierce white lady who educated us about our hair, and emphasized the fact that if we are to use products, we have to be careful and use the ones made specifically for black natural hair, not just any kind of product. Her energy was off the shizzle.

Next Screwy Hair came up and did a presentation on retaining hair length. Below are a few of the things she highlighted. She dispelled some very common hair myths

Everyone’s hair grows

  • There is no product that will make your hair grow faster
  • There’s no product that can repair split ends
Things that promote hair breakage are
  1. Playing with your hair often
  1. Pulling your hair strands with a tiny comb
  1. Heat styling
  1. Not moisturising your hair
  1. Bad detangling
  1. Using too many products
  1. Excessive use of chemicals, gels, texturisers, etc.
  1. Carelessness when removing weaves
  1. Tying your scarf too tight.

At this point, I was dragged to come and make my free hair, but I was still listening from where I was seated.

When screwy hair finished with her presentation, Yeni from Adornment 365, which is a natural hair salon in the UK came to advise us on how to survive a visit to the salon. She said we should go to the salon knowing what exactly we want. Sometimes, we should try to wash and section our hair before visiting the salon, etc.

Next thing I know, some lady walks up to me and hands me a sample hair butter. It was kinky Apothecary’s hair butter. It smelt so so good. That means you should order for my own Whipped Hair Butter ooo, lol, cos mine smells like heaven.

Next came the doctor to talk about caring for our skin. From the feedback I got, this was the favourite session for most people. Everyone had one question or the other to ask. People basically did not want this doctor to leave, but alas, time did its thing again.

The MC at the show was mad funny. I wonder where she fell from. She is just too good. She was just cracking everyone up.

After this Sherese came up to do her presentation, which I sadly missed.

Lastly was Natural Nigerian. As she was making her presentation, the UK hair stylist was styling her hair. Unfortunately, I had to step out this time to do a photo shoot of my hair, as I am now a Natural Hair model for O’Naturals (Wide grin).

They did the giveaway after this and my friend won. I was so sad for myself and happy for her. And because I had predicted from the beginning of the event that she might win, I was able to corner the Natural Nigerian coconut oil in her giveaway package.

As you guys know that I have been searching for the perfect Natural Hair gel, I bought the Eco Styler Olive Oil gel from the Kinky Apothecary stand. I have used it for a twist just last night and I want to see if it will solve my gel problems. I like the fact that it is thick, yet water-based, not oil-based.

So yes, this is the summary for now. I might update later


  1. wow! the event sounds awesome. i wish there is a youtube video of some parts of the event.

    1. Yes, it was cool. The youtube video is a suggestion I would relate to Natural Nigerian later

  2. wow!!!...thanks for the update
    in the past to me, natural hair sounded like having a burden to carry but now, i feel so happy and proud to rock my hair no matter what i see around me
    and with this ur encouraging update, you make it sound more interesting and awesome
    can see u really had a nice time

    1. Yes oo. There is nothing to be ashamed off, so far we are being neat about it

  3. You made is sound so interesting. Looking forward to attending the next Natural hair Meet-up.

    1. It was actually interesting. You have to be there next time

  4. glad to see u had fun..thanks for the update...

    so how did the eco styler turn out after all?

    1. You are welcome, mi lady. I am gbaduning the eco styler, lol.

  5. Congratulations on becoming a model for O'naturals!

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    We are happy to be a co traveller in beauty promotion

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