Natural Hair Rules - Rebel or Loyalist?

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Do not use Sulphate shampoos – The Anti-sulphate rule
Avoid products with ‘cones’ - The Anti-cone rule
Check the ph level of your products – The PH rule
Stay away from mineral oil and petroleum products - The Anti-petroleum rule
Use only distilled water on your hair - The Anti-ion rule
Always attend to your hair in sections – The sectioning rule
Don’t make your extensions too tight – The anti- breakage rule
Always sleep with a satin bonnet on – The moisture trapping rule
Always seal in your moisture with oil or hair butter – The Pro-seal rule
Never comb you hair dry - Another anti- breakage rule
And so much more than you care to count...

If you have been maintaining your natural hair for a while, you will be very familiar with the endless ‘rules’ of maintaining a healthy natural hair. These so called rules are what have discouraged some people from going natural, as they feel they are too many and tedious. In my own opinion, as much as the Dos can be refreshing because we get to try new things, the Don’ts can be very annoying at times.

As for me, I try to adhere to these rules as much as possible (who wants to face the wrath of disobedience by ending up with a damaged hair?), but I believe everyone has a breaking point. For me, the breaking point came when I was told to try to use only distilled water on my hair, including for washing, as normal water deposits ions and causes build up. In other words, they said we Nigerians should use only satchets of pure water to wash our hair.

At this point, I snapped and said ‘Enough is enough with these rules. I can’t even wash my hair as I like again? I don’t care, I will use normal water to wash my hair. If the hair likes, it should gather build up! It shouldn’t grow! It should fall off! I don’t care! I can’t be buying bags of pure water just because I want to wash my hair.’
And so, naturalistas, this is how I rebelled against one of the natural hair rules. I am glad to announce to you at this point that my hair hasn’t fallen off my head.

The other rule I am really ashamed to announce that I did disobeyed for a while (only while) is the Anti-cone rule. It was due to the fact that someone got me this wonderful and richly natural hair product called African Pride Olive Miracle moisturizer lotion. The fragrance can take you to heaven and leave you there. The only issue was that it came with a ‘cone. I constantly stared at this product in my closet for month. I was afraid to touch it because of the fear of disobeying the Anti-cone rule. In fact, because of the denial I was putting myself through, I constantly researched the positive and negative effects of cones and how I could get away with the negative effects. I also looked for natural ways to get rid of cones, without having to disobey the Anti-sulphate rule. In order words, I wanted to eat my cake and have it!

Through the course of my research I found out that were a lot of naturalistas disobeying the Anti-cone rule because, according to them, the ‘disobedience’ worked for them. So one day, I told myself ‘Damn it, I can’t resist this temptation anymore. I will use this product and nothing will happen.’  Lol. So I rebelled against another rule. The only thing is that I don’t use it so often, so it doesn’t completely coat my hair cuticles. But honestly, I wouldn’t intentionally buy a product with cones in it.

The reason I put this post is that, I know that most naturalistas don’t follow every single hair rule. What exactly is your breaking point? Which rule(s) do you disobey? Don’t lie o, let us know. Does the ‘disobedience’ work for you? We could learn one or two things from your experiences

I personally follow almost every rule, cos I have a healthy hair and want to keep it that way. Below are some rules I adhere to and they work for me.

I avoid sulphates.
I don’t joke with my deep conditioning. The long term effect on my hair is amazing
I sleep with a satin bonnet on.
I don’t use petroleum product on my hair. My scalp gathers too much build up for me to take this risk.
Water (moisture) is my best friend. I don’t play with the daily spritz
I never comb my hair dry. I don’t care how much of a rebel you are, you shouldn’t do this.
And so much more than you care to count. Lol


  1. I dont wash my hair with sachet water, who has the time for that? I just run the tap and go with the flow....

    I use products with sulphur *covers face*, i once suffered sectional dandruff and that was the only way to go, infact I was so scared of it spreading that *whispers* I grinded camphor into engine oil!

    Yes I almost cried from the sensation but it got rid of the dandruff DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!

    I go to bed without a bonnet most times... my excuse - there's hardly ever electricity and the heat is unbearable, if I must get a good night sleep I gotta free myself abeg

    1. I don't think sulphur is bad for the hair o. I think people even use it for scalp problems. It is sulphate that I know people avoid.

      The camphor and engine oil is the one I haven't heard of sha, you get liver.

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  3. I definitely break the no petroleum rule on a daily basis. However, to my defense, I have extremely dry hair and the only way I can keep moisture in my hair for 12 hours is to seal with petroleum jelly. Using just water and coconut oil is not enough for my thirsty hair.
    I also use silicones and sulfates. I just learned it was bad for hair this summer. I tried using Dr. Bronner's/African Black soap in liquid form but it left my hair dry, so dry I was afraid it was going to catch fire. LOL. Anyway, I plan to remedy that one.
    Lastly, I don't use distilled water. However where I live now has the worst water. I mean, I see white marks on everything, I can't imagine what it's doing to my hair. Sigh.

    1. Wow. Have you tried sealing your hair with Shea Butter or thick natural oils like castor oil, instead of petroleum products?

      Eeewwww, white marks? Sorry. I guess you should start boiling it before using it, or stop completely. Thanks for dropping by and sharing

  4. I didnt know there were rules to maintaining natural hair or maybe I didnt see them as rules. Hair is a thing of beauty and joy please don't bug it rule jare. So on the rebel side, I use good old DAX on my hair and it has petroleum as one of its ingredients. We have very dry hair and it helps to seal moisture too. Just hearing about the cone rule. I never sleep with a bonnet but I am not all that bad, I use a satin pillow. I have never washed our hair with distilled water.I don't use sulphate based shampoos and i always section.

    1. You didnt know? Maybe rule is not the right word, but they can sometimes feel that way.

      Never heard of the cone rule? You gotta research that one out.

  5. Hmm,

    1. me i don't wash my hair with distilled water .... abeg dats too much. But i use distilled water for my hair spritz.
    2.I still use Sulfate shampoo o *smh (i just want it to finish, we cant waste it now)
    3. I don't play with Deep Conditioning

    Have you heard of the new Comb vs Finger-Combing debate.

    Na wah, i think we should just have a regimen and know that what works for you might not work for someone else. Shikena

    1. You and I are together on number 1. I only used distilled water for my spray.

      Hmm, the ever popular comb issue? I tried to avoid combing, as someone advised me, earlier this year.... The thing my eyes saw, my mouth cannot say. Lets just say I will never try it again

  6. lol, I set my own rules. I use cones, used sulphate shampoo for a while and my hair didn't fall out. I like to keep my hair stretched, so i don't spritz it too often. My main goal is moisturized strong hair, which I manage to achieve with my own rules. I always say DO YOU! some women aren't even aware of all these rules, yet their hair thrives. Some (like myself) are aware, but our hair still struggle.

    1. The main thing is to find what works for you, and stick with it.


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