The first Natural Hair Butter I sold

Happy new year to you all. How did the first day of the year come so far, hope cool? I pray that this year will offer new and fresh things for to you and in your hair journey.

Late last year, I made my first natural hair butter for sale, I had already made one around November, but I got the measurements wrong and it did not end up being as thick as I desired it. So in December, I got a cheap contract to make the butter for my friend’s daughter who has natural hair. So using screwy hair’s measurement, with a little improvisation here and there, I came up with an amazing hair butter.

Measurement taken down

In case you don’t have a standard measuring cup, just like me, just know that 16 table spoons make 1 cup, so you can just multiply as required. Here, I therefore dad to use 40 table spoons of shea butter and and 8 table spoons of olive oil. Yeah, I know it was a lot of work, but considering the fact that I was selling oit, I couldn’t afford to make mistakes

Also, I threw in a little bit of African Pride’s Olive Miracle. This is because of its great fragrance, as I did not add fragrance to the original mix. Also, it has a lot of useful ingredients for natural hair. I used only very little, but I don’t think I will do this on the regular. This is what the final product looked like.

I will continue making and selling natural hair butter, but it will be strictly based on orders, as I have a lot of things on my plate. I will most probably do it regularly later but that plan is still in the wraps.

I am currently on kinky braids as a protective style in this dry season. I will let you know my hair care regime and how it went, as I don’t desire to deal with breakage and have dry hair.

Catch you later


  1. this is great! i've also made my own shea butter mix :)

  2. Looks good. Thank God for Ladies like you..lazy naturals like me know who to disturb for products ^_^...I'm all for Productive Nigerians!

  3. love the websites!
    keep up with the natural posts
    I am natural myself, as well as african and am always looking for the next great find..
    hard to find many people with texture like mine..
    check out my blog !

  4. Happy New Year dear! Im with Natmane all the way, order coming soon!

  5. This hair butter looks so good. it won't be a bad idea for a business.happy new year. have a great 2012!

  6. @ Yolandaas: Cool, I am sure it turned out well.

    @ Natmane: Yaaay, she's gonna buy my butter, lol. Productive indeed

    @ Michaeline: Awww, thanks for the encouragement. I hope this website will continue to be useful to you

    @ PET Projects: Yaay, I am rich o, lol. Another order

    @ Stelzz: Thanks o. I don't think it will be bad either. Happy new year to you

  7. Now that's cool. Hehe and you actually put your secret recipes up here *evil laughter* Lol

    Muse Origins

  8. @ Muse Origins: Loooolllll. I am sure the 'secret' recipe isn't a big deal. You can find different kinds of cool recipes all over the internet. I also didn't manufacture the recipe.

  9. I really like the look of the whipped hair butter

  10. God bless you for sharing the recipe. I am in Central Africa and I am now frantically trying to find Shea Butter :-( What kind of glycerine should I use?


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