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The No. 1 Problem With Natural Hair

The #1 Problem With Natural Hair
By DiscoveringNatural

Each day, I answer numerous questions from mothers and caregivers regarding their child's natural hair. The #1 problem they have is DRY HAIR.

Before we start tackling the issue of dry hair, it is important to know that natural hair is "naturally" dry and due to the structure, does not do too well with retaining moisture on its own. Now that we have taken care of the basics of natural hair, it is important to know that with natural hair, the best way to keep it moisturize is by layering products. Most people know this has either the LOC method or the LCO method.
L for Liquid
O for Oil
C for cream

The process of layering products starts with spraying some liquid on the hair. This liquid can be as plain as water or a combination of a liquid mixture such as Aloe Vera Juice and Water. After this has been done, then you either follow up with oil or a moisturizing cream. For the last step, you can interchange with oil or cream.  One step that people leave out is the sealing processes. I find that adding a little bit of shea butter or any other butter or thick oil such as castor oil gives even a longer moisture retention rate. Watch video below. How often one should moisturize depends on when the hair needs it. Always moisturize when needed. Do not over moisturize because this can cause limp hair that has lost its elasticity.

In addition to moisturizing, it is important to do a Deep Conditioning treatment at least once a month or even more. I always do a deep conditioning process after each wash. Your choice of deep conditioning with heat or without heat depends on how intense you want your conditioning to be. If hair is extremely dry, do an intense deep conditioning.

Finally, don't forget to drink water. I always make sure to remind my girls to drink water. I find that when properly hydrated, our hair stays moisturized longer than when we do. The bonus part is Water is GREAT for the body.

How to you maintain Moisturized natural hair with your kids?

- DiscoveringNatural


  1. If this is not the truth then i dont know what is.

    Simply Uneeke

  2. Well said. When the hair is dry, it is more risky to manipulate, and causes breakage.

  3. this is one of the ten commandments of natural hair. that is why i love the new dark and lovely kit it come with loc written on it saves a bunch of time

    1. I keep hearing of this,never seen it tho.Are the products combined or.......?

    2. Some companies have made it in combined form,but you can do that yourself(spray water,add oil,seal with cream,sheabutter

  4. They are products

  5. Replies
    1. Really?,saw it online but I was like so now dark n lovely wants some of the "naturals" money after all the relaxer we suffered from (I don't know if you get what I am trying to say)

    2. i get you but my hair you to suck up products like sponge and still be dry . with this my hair is supper soft for days even if i dont put more product once i sprits with water it comes alive again

  6. I even deep condition as often as once a week and the sealing thing definitely helps!

  7. I try to deep condition every week or every two weeks.My hair loves me for that lol.


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