Is Alopecia a Medical Condition? The Jada Pinkett Smith Edition

I’m sure that by now, you must have heard about the whole slap issue between Chris Rock and Will Smith. If you haven’t, well… I will not say anything to you, just head to over to google. 

I will not belabor the issue by analyzing who is right or wrong, but will send my dagger straight to what was being claimed as the root cause of the entire brouhaha

It is being said that Chris Rock made fun of Jada’s Alopecia, a Medical Condition she’s currently facing. I keep reading this categorization on all platforms and I say to myself? “Really? Alopecia? A medical condition?”

So , do you think Alopecia is a medical condition or the news outlets have been categorizing it that way, in order to make the story weightier?

Firstly, what is Alopecia? This is just a general term for Hair loss, no matter the cause. So how can something which is a general term be tied to medical cause.

I always cringe when someone comes to me for help, and says things like

“I have alopecia, help me.”

“What is the cure for alopecia?”

This is equivalent to someone asking a paediatrician “How do I stop tears from flowing from my child’s eyes?” Of course, the first thing the doctor will ask is “what type of tears? What caused the tears? Is it tears of joy or does it emanate from pain?”

There are several types of Alopecia, and many of those Alopecia have different causes. Many of the Alopecia faced are as a result of what we have done to our hair, and are in no way medical. An example is Traction Alopecia. Very few of them are medical in nature, such as Alopecia Areata, Alopecia Totalis, and Alopecia Universalis.

For some others, Alopecia is not even the main issue, but a byproduct of a bigger medical issue, such as a cancer patient who loses her hair as a result of Chemotherapy.

As for Jada Pinkett Smith’s issue, I can’t really tell the cause of her Hair loss, so I don’t know whether it is a Medical Condition or not.

So, to summarize, some types of Alopecia are not medical in nature, while some are not. To determine if it is a medical condition, tests have to be done, and diagnosis has to be passed.

Most importantly, no matter the kind of Hair loss you are facing, just know you can always rock your hair in confidence, like Jada did.

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