Why You Need to do a Trichoscopy For Your Scalp

Trichoscopy for your scalp

Among women with natural hair, it is very common to find one or more of these categories; product junkies, DIY fanatics, overnight expectants, failed protective hair do's etc.

What is common among all of these categories is the trial and error syndrome. This means that for the product junkies, their opinion is; the more products used, the healthier and longer their hair, hence they keep jumping on every new and trendy product they find or are recommended to. For the DIY fanatics, they keep trying every new "Do it Yourself" tricks from YouTube and other sources or a sworn-to-work method by an influencer. 

More so, one thing that crowns it all up is the fact that these wonderful naturalistas are trying to reach a goal or solve one or more hair and scalp issues they may be faced with. These may range from hair growth, length retention, volume as well as hair or scalp related problems.

As with our faces, so is our hair different. No two individuals hair are completely the same. This is why having your own tailored regimen and understanding your hair structure is highly important to enable you achieve the results you seek. 

How do you know what routine would work best for your hair or what treatment to use? Do you know what scalp issue you have to treat specifically? This is where a Trichoscopy comes in.

In this blog post you would read about

  • What is Trichoscopy?
  • Why You Need to do a Trichoscopy For Your Scalp
  • Where to get a Trichoscopy done
How Trichoscopy is done

What is Trichoscopy for your scalp

Basically, you can't self medicate unless you have been diagnosed by a physician and given a prescription right?. This is what Trichoscopy is to your natural hair and scalp. 

Trichoscopy is not just for people with severe hair and scalp issues. It is the microscopic report of the status of your hair and scalp and is not tailored to any hair or scalp treatment.

Trichoscopy is also perfect for people who need to use their report for other medical purposes, at the request of a medical expert.

Why You Need to do a Trichoscopy For Your Scalp

In the treatment of hair and scalp issues, early diagnosis is important to avoid the problems becoming irreversible or worse.

  • Trichoscopy helps in the diagnostics of alopecia, female pattern hair loss and other hair and scalp issues.
  • The process is also useful in identifying which hair loss is predominant i.e shedding or breakage as well as giving good insight on hair shaft damage.
  • If you have been trying to tackle a stubborn scalp issue after loads of trial and errors, then it is time to book a Trichoscopy appointment near you.  
  • It is also great for people who are just curious about the state of their natural hair and scalp and want to have a magnified image of it.

Where to get a Trichoscopy For Your Scalp done

A Trichologist can give an online consultation to help determine varying factors such as hair type, identifying hair and scalp issue or offering solutions based on the experiences of the client.

However, as with other hair loss treatments like Low Level Laser Therapy, Microneedling and High Frequency Treatment which requires the physical presence of the patient,  a Trichoscopy must also be done in a hair clinic with the Trichoscopic instrument and must be performed by a certified Trichologist.

At African Naturalistas hair clinic, we offer Trichoscopy sessions to our clients from various part of the world.

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