Pricing your Cosmetic Products for Maximum Profit - Video Tutorial


One of the mistakes many small scale cosmetic businesses has to do with pricing cosmetic products appropriately. It is not enough to slam a price on a product because that is the cost at which your competitor is selling? Every cosmetic product needs to go through a pricing process before reaching its cost.

I have created a free video teaching to solve whatever problems of pricing you might be having. In this four-part video series, I will take you through a 10 step process to pricing your cosmetics products. The lessons you will take from this will ensure you make maximum profit from your cosmetic business, and you never run at a loss

Get your pen and journals out, and start taking notes. Your cosmetic business is about to move to the next level. Click here to start watching

In the meantime, Beyond Formulation will be starting soon. Click here to join the waiting list

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