Let me transform your Cosmetic Business

Do you know that when you sign up for Beyond Formulation, you will cut your journey to success short by 90%? In just 5 weeks, you will get all the information it took me eons of years to painstakingly gather. Through my course materials, I will hold your hand through every step you need to take to grow your small scale cosmetic business from the kitchen to the marketplace.

I will show you where and how to start, if you have not started. If you have started, and are still operating from your bedroom or your small kitchen, I will show you how to get from there to the next level. I know of someone who moved from operating from her home to a mini factory because she wanted NAFDAC approval. She moved to a place that wasn’t compliant due to ignorance, and is still stuck there as we speak because she paid for two years rent. By enrolling for “Beyond Formulation”, you will never make that mistake. I will hold your hand through your raw material selection, packaging material selection, or even making a decision about whether you should buy in Nigeria or import. I will teach you how you can export your products without stress, and show you all the documents required.

This is just a tip of the iceberg when it comes to what you will be learning from me. I started this business when it was not even heard of in Nigeria. That is why I can boldly smile when I see some mistakes some of you are making. I mean how do you spend N300 on a plastic jar for a product of N3000.00? How scalable is that in the long run? See, I am already getting ahead of myself. This tells how eager I am to open your eyes to things. After you enroll for “Beyond Formulation”, you will never have to go anywhere again. As long as you implement what I teach you, your problem will cease. When it comes to being successful in the cosmetic industry, you have come to your final bus stop. Let me help you cut your journey to success by 95%

The early bird registration is still on. Click here to sign up now before the fee increases.

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  1. Blessings....
    A quick check in to see how you are doing in this new reality we are all forced to deal with.

    Have a blessed day.
    Have a blessed and joy filled weekend.



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