Earn Extra Cash with African Naturalistas Products

We want to thank you for being there for African Naturalistas through the years. We will like to inform you that there are numerous opportunities to make money, by being a reseller of African Naturalistas products, wherever you are in Nigeria.

What you get from Selling African Naturalistas Products
1. Whether you want to make reselling our products your main business or side business, we have a program to suit you. We are flexible to suit your needs
2. Reasonable profit margins
3. Regular continuous publicity of your business on all our social media platforms
4. Free exchange for all damaged items
5. Free phone hair consultancy to your customers, between the hours of 10am and 5pm. Of course, you can use this as a sales pitch to your customers.
6. Giveaway souvenirs for your customers at the end of the year or any of our promotional seasons.
7. And so much more

Why African Naturalistas exactly?
1. We are a pioneer Natural Hair Care brand, well known in the natural hair industry in Nigeria, and have stayed long in the market, enough to gain credibility. No, we are not a flash in the pan!
2. African Naturalistas products are manufactured by a certified advanced cosmetic scientist, and a trichologist. No, we are not just cream mixers hoping to make a quick buck!
3. Many of our products are NAFDAC Certified. All our products are manufactured in a NAFDAC approved factory, located in Lagos Nigeria

So are you interested in earning more cash by selling African Naturalistas products?

Simply send an email to info@africanaturalistas.com, with the subject "I AM INTERESTED', and we will send you the brochure to get you started

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