True Story: I had a baby but no Postpartum Shedding.

Happy  new year to all the beautiful people who read and follow this blog. I pray 2018 is good to you, and grants you all your heart's desires.

We have always heard about how as women, we lose hair after delivering because of Postpartum shedding. Many of us (including me) have come to accept this as our reality.

For the first time in my life, I got pregnant very early this year, so just like many women testified of lion's mane kind of growth, I was expecting mine too, even though my hair was already long and full. It was very interesting for me to note that I saw absolutely no changes in my hair growth rate or fullness of hair when I was pregnant. The only thing I noticed was that my hair felt a bit different when touched. That was all. In fact, the hair on my legs didn't grow as fast as they usually did.

So it was no surprise to me when after delivery, my hair did not shed one bit, not even after taking down weaving that I had in for seven weeks. When it came to my hair, I might as well just have been like every other lady out there. Pregnancy hormones did absolutely nothing to alter my hair growth cycle, and I must say I am grateful for this because I have never experienced Telogen Effluvium, and I do not hope to have it anytime soon.

My temples seven weeks post partum

My temples 10 weeks postpartum
I guess from now, I can boldly say that not all women would have postpartum shedding after delivery, and one way we'll be able to tell is if we unusal hair growth while pregnant.


  1. Lol Atilola, I think it might be a little too soon to conclude😄. Mine started about 5 months postpartum.You may be right though.But now,that you've locked your hair,how will you know?😂

    1. Wow. Really? Sorry about that o. It happens sooner in most cases.

      I don't think locs will protect one's hair from shedding though. It only protects breakage, not shedding.


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