Hairstyle Lounge on African Naturalistas - My Journey to Permanent Locs

Hello Ladies. I hope the year of 2018 is being good to us all so far.

Just like I said in the last edition of Hairstyle lounge, I am making some major changes when it comes to my hairstyling. Some of the readers of this blog will remember that I used to be on dreadlocks before I cut it all off to wear my natural hair out a little over seven years ago. Well, after over a year of consideration and toying with the idea, I decided to go back to dreadlocks, this time, with my long hair.

I told Omozo of O'Naturals about it last year, and forgot about it. Towards the end of the year, she reminded me, and even though I was still quite hesitant, I was like "let's do it. What's the worst that could happen?"

After I took down the frohawk of last edition, the O'Naturals locticial proceeded to detangle my hair using African Naturalistas Moisturising and Detangling conditioner. We then went on to wash with a medicated shampoo, to make sure my scalp was in good condition, and followed it up with a regular shampoo. We dried the hair, and proceeded to steam with African Naturalistas Deep Conditioning Mayonnaise.

After this, I had to say goodbye to my free long hair and get it locked up (in jail), lol.

Strand by strand, she did her work on my hair, and I was amazed at how short my long hair looked.

I never expected shrinkage to take its toll on locked hair. Even though she said it would stretch later, I know it will never be it's real length.

After some four hours, we were done. She trimmed off the tips of my hair, and I went under the dryer to use the heat to set the wax in place, and this was what my hair ended up looking like.

I know it looks more line fingercoils or combcoils now, and less like dreadlocks. The loctician said it would take about an average of three months for my hair to actually lock, and the hair will keep stretching in the mean time. I was asked not to let water touch it, and to just spray it with oil for shine.

Now, the deed has been done, we are only keeping our fingers crossed to see how this will pan out in the end. I hope to start rocking waist-length locks by the end of 2018.

Have you ever considered locking your hair. If you have done it, how did that go for you? If you haven't, what is stopping you?

Hairstyle Lounge was brought to you by O'Naturals Salon. No money exchanged hands in making this lounge a reality. To make your hair at O'Naturals, visit the salon at 54 Ogudu road, Ogudu-Ojota Lagos or book an appointment by calling 0818-802-4444 / 0815-802-4444.


  1. It looks so lovely! #Tempting

    I've never done it. But it's crossed my mind often. I think what's holding me back is the thought that I can't just up and loosen it but may have to cut it off. I crossed my mind again recently when I was considering doing a second BC.

  2. Wawu!!! Looks lovely. After this stage for me, I didn't go back to reloc x_x This might actually be a good option for me now OR I cut it - AGAIN x_x


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