Six Months Protective Style Challenge

Watagwan my Natural sisters,

Happy New Year! The earth has begun a new rotation around the sun for the year 2018, and the breath of God is still with us. There is much to be thankful for!

The term ‘Protective styling’ has always seemed a luxurious word that vaguely applied to me. I mean sure, I follow all the nitty gritty rules that apply to protecting my strands ( between finger detangling flew out the window). When my hair is not stretched out or curled for a photoshoot or show, it is usually in about 4-6 single  braids hidden under a head wrap. Hard-core protective styling like braids, faux locs, dare I say weaves? Just hasn’t found a place to stay in all my 3 years of being natural. However I know my hair length is not where it was this time last year. Neither is my Density. My Mushu has grown longer and fuller.

My Natural Hair growth 2017

 The collage above goes to show that even without hardcore protective styling I’ve has done well on retaining length. But trust, with longer hair comes longer wash days and responsibilities. 

My Protective style Looks 2017

 The bitter sweet truth is that Afro’s are hard to manage. The down-side of having gravity defying hair with amazing styling variety is the amount of time, care and effort that has to go into it, specially for the kinkiest types like mine. I won't lie, I have been tired and weary of my hair lately, and been itching for a creative change.

Starting from this month, I've commissioned myself to go on a 6 months HARD-CORE protective Style challenge!!! Yup, I’m committing and putting Mushu on Lock down! Its needless to say, the great thing about protective styling is switching up your look while protecting your strands. My Curly Wigs, Head-wraps, Clip-ins and Marley Pony’s won't cut it anymore.


My job as a model has not allowed me the sweet variety that is our Magic and Art. But I’m at the point in my life where I’m needing to call the shots in relations to how I express myself. Surely braids can’t only be cool when celebs like Solange or Zoe Kravitaz wear them. I think it's time to make braids more mainstream.


It feels so good to be rid of Mushu for  a while. I’m taking all prisoners! I will make sure to document every step and stage of this journey. I even got a tape and measured up Mushu. It up and it came up to 6 1\2  inches. My hair is uneven on all sides, therefore an average of 6 inches. What I aim to achieve on this 6 month challenge is growth, growth and more GROWTH!! I’m hoping this rest period will give me a boost and finally propel me out of awkward length stage. Aaaiiiiii I can’t wait! You know time flies, 6 months will go by again like a breeze.

I'm looking forward to sharing my progress and the final results with you. I hope you’re as excited as I am!! I decided these braids will last me two months, it took a whole 3 1/2 days and they weren’t cheap.. Follow my social media pages @nappyese for daily updates.

Now for the million dollar Question

Will you join me on this challenge?



  1. My hair is currently in the first pic, after almost two years since TBC🤦. How do I make it thicker and fuller l?

  2. My hair is currently in the first pic after about two years post TBC 🤦,how can I make it thicker and longer?


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