Reasons why I went back to Locs

Last week, I started documenting my journey back to dreadlocks on this blog and I mentioned that after over a year of consideration and toying with the idea, I decided to go back to dreadlocks, this time, with my long hair.

My Locs over 7 years ago

My Locs now

Some people might wonder why I am doing this, especially after I have done it in the past, caught of my locs and had almost wait length hair. Why go back?

Well, here are some of my reasons, amongst many others

1. I have very long hair, which to be honest, I am not utilising by showing it off or wearing it out. What is the use of having long hair if you can't flaunt it ot never let it out? Lol

2. Maintaining the hair (which I never wore out), was not becoming a hassle. Last year was the worst of it all, even after I promised myself to do better, and even had an excel sheet for my hair regimen, lol.

3. There are some hairstyles I would like to have on my head a couple of years from now, which would require that I have locks on first.

4. Life is too short. I am not someone who really experiments with hairstyles, but now, I need to do some crazy things on my head before I die, and this long hair fetish is limiting me from getting those things done.

5. My major reason: I now have a son, and I hope that when people see me his mother, they will never question his hair choices because meehhhnnn, I so have plans for that boy's hair such that he doesn't even know what is about to hit him, lol.

I took down this hair style and then started my journey to Dreadlocks.

I hope this is enough. Have you had locs in the past? Do you have locs now or plan to have them in future? What were your reasons for going on locs and/or cutting off your locs? Let us know in the comment section.


  1. Except sheet for hair regimen??
    Lol @ 4. Is the same reason I went ahead and dyed my hair.

    I see locs in the future for my hair. I was tempted to do it this year oh... But not yet.

    1. Yes naaa. I'm serious like that, lol.

      Oya, gaan lock your hair. I am waiting.

  2. I had toyed with the idea of locing my hair before going natural. However, now that I'm natural with hair that is mid-back length, that idea is a thing of the past😄. I'd probably just cut it if I got tired😊.

    1. Awwww. You can lock it before cutting it off, if you get tired. It's all about experimenting and having fun,


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