Caring for your Natural Hair in Fall/Harmattan

Harmattan is here, the trees are getting bare. The dry and cold season is here again.  Many creatures of the earth will go into hibernation, and amongst those magical creatures will include our beautiful head of coils.


My routine this season has not changed very much from my last winter season in FEBRUARY SECRETS: How to Care for Natural Hair in Winter/Dry Season

My basics are still the same;

CO-WASH instead of Shampoo
Discovering Natural further emphasizes these point in her 5 Fall Natural Hair Care Routine MUST HAVE Video

What's slightly different for me this season is that I am incorporating a lot of protective styling. If you follow my instagram you know. Finally! Mushu and I can get a break from each other (Thank you holidays). It's hardly winter but it's already acting the most. One very important routine step to note is to REMEMBER TO TRIM. 

How to know When to Trim Your Afro

I hadn't trimmed Mushu in a minute. These were the signs it showed and I knew it was finally time to grab the scissors;

1. More Fairy Knots and tangles  than usual: Even though I was moisturizing regularly and doing my low maintenance bantu knot out and braids. I was getting a lot more tangles than per usual. 

3. DRYING FASTER THAN NORMAL: The more damage at your ends, the lesser the ability of your hair to retain moisture. You'd be pouring water into a basket. LITERALLY!
4. FAILED HAIRSTYLES: My simple usual hairstyles i used to get curl definition would bottom line result into knots and tangles with little to no definition. Even though I was following my exact same method of styling. This was a result of the coils refusing to clump together because of my damaged ends. 
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5. MORE BREAKAGE AND HAIR IN THE SINK: If basic mechanical efforts like detangling, styling combing is causing more snaps and breaks than usual. THen you know it is time for a trim

So when you notice any of these signs above, treat yourself to a trim. REMEMBER: HEALTH OVER LENGTH. Watch the short video below showing you how I trim my 4c hair, including a few of my protective style ideas for the Dry months ahead.
Happy Trimming! What protective style look will you be sporting this fall


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