Is Long Natural Hair More Beautiful?

While scrolling on Instagram the other day, I came across a post by Aisha (who we featured as a Natural Hair Bride). She wrote about how she got quite a bit of negativity when she cut her hair. If you're not familiar with her, this is what her hair used to look like.
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And this is what is looks like now.
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She actually wrote a blog post about it, and how some people actually unfollowed her because her hair was now a tapered TWA. First of all, this is not the first time she has cut her hair, so I'm not sure why people responded in that manner. Additionally, she explained why she cut her hair - due to postpartum shedding. However, I don't think it's anybody's "business" as to what you decide to do with your hair and why.

I remember once reading a recap of a natural hair event in Lagos, and in the comments, someone said something in regards to Felicia Leatherwood (who I've written about here and here). The comment was something to the effect of, "What can anybody possibly learn about natural hair from someone who has low cut?"

Even when you look online, those with long natural hair generally have more followers than people with shorter natural hair. And that's funny because most of the comments you see are "How I wish I had long hair like yours." or "When will my hair reach that length?" So if your hair is still in the short or medium stage, why are you seemingly shunning people with the same length of hair, in favor of someone with long hair that takes more work and care to handle? Could it be that subconsciously we don't think shorter hair is as beautiful as long hair?

What do you think?
Berry Dakara.


  1. Great thought provoking blog post. I do find that a lot of times on my Youtube channel, DiscoveringNatural, the number one question is how to grow long natural hair. The love for Long hair is something that will forever be desired, however, short hair has a special place in my heart because, with short hair, the facial beauty of the carrier shows more.

    1. Very true Sola. I always find women with TWAs very striking.

  2. I guess people like to follow what they aspire to be like. So when you cut your hair they may feel a bit sad/let down by it.

    1. While that is kinda understandable, sending negative comments about someone's personal decision to cut their hair is so uncalled for.


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