How to Teach Your Child To Wash Natural Hair

How to Teach Your Child To Wash Natural Hair African Naturalistas
Two weeks ago, I started teaching my 8 year old how to wash her own hair.

When it comes to kids hair care, especially when you have to let go and let them do their hair, start "small-small".
First teach them the proper way to detangle their hair. Detangle in section, and from ends to roots.
Explain why it is important when shampooing to apply to scalp first and using your finger-pads and not finger nails to massage the shampoo into the scalp.
Let them know that conditioners is the key to softness and most not be skipped when shampooing.
Most of all HAVE FUN and don't make it a Stressful thing.
Remember, they are still learning, don't rush them, if they still cannot do it themselves,.

As I showed my daughter how to do it, she had a new appreciation of this magical crown that God has given her, the power of shrinkage and the numerous styles that can be created on her hair.


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