How To Prepoo Your Natural Hair With Aloe Vera Gel.

During the course of the month, we shared Naptural85's viral video on prepooing with aloe vera gel on our social media platforms and it occurred to us that some of our blog readers who don't follow us on social media (why don't you, though? We're @africanaturalistas across social media) might not have seen the video so we thought we should share it here too.

Personally, when I watched it, I tried it afterward and it gave me fantastic results as seen on my Instagram page. I didn't leave it overnight like Whitney (Naptural85) did but I ensured I had it on for ample time.

So, I just prepooed with #aloeveragel @naptural85 style and I can't believe I haven't tried this before now especially since I have two large pots of Aloe Vera. 😱😱Scroll down her page to see how she did hers. __________ All you need to do is open up one large aloe vera plant (one is usually enough for your entire head) and rub it straight on your hair starting from your roots of course. After the first set of gel has gone, continue to rub aggressively until you have used up the entire gel in that section. Don't forget to massage your scalp along. ___________ She accompanied hers with olive oil but I realized when I was done that I didn't need to use oil as the aloe vera was sufficient. 💯 The results? Yummy moisturized hair. I should do this regularly. ____________ This is particularly great if you have just taken down a protective style. Plus aloe vera has enough slip for detangling. When you're done, wear a shower cap and leave for a while and then wash out!
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What did I do?


I washed and opened up one big aloe vera plant (one is enough to round your head) and rubbed the gel directly on my hair starting from my roots up to my ends until I went round. So, I worked in sections and tried to massage along to stimulate my scalp. It was such a soothing experience. I can't believe I haven't been doing this before especially since I have two large pots of Aloe Vera at home. This will definitely be a regular thing. So, if you think your hair needs a quick moisture fix , you should definitely try this and leave it on overnight.

The best thing about this is that it works for all hair textures. You should try it except you can't stand aloe vera or you're allergic to it or something.

Watch the video below.

Aloe Vera Gel is great for detangling, treating dandruff, improved moisture retention and it's beneficial to the general health of your scalp.

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