3 Tools That Add Moisture to Natural Hair

Hi Naturalistas

Moisturising natural hair is always a major concern for anyone who decides to go natural. You will understand why we are always looking for the best products or hair care practices that will help retain hair moisture. But while we mainly focus on these, there are a few hair tools you can use that add moisture to your natural hair.

1.  Thermal Conditioning Caps – Deep conditioning revives dry thirsty hair and gives it that much needed restoration. When using heat you are likely to have better results because the conditioner can better penetrate the hair. It is definitely a great product to have when you need extra moisture.

2.  Plastic Caps –  These a great for deep conditioning sessions and those who like to baggy their hair overnight. They help keep things from getting too messy and also aid in helping to create a greenhouse effect on your hair.

3.  Steamer – Well, if a thermal cap is definitely a great buy for your hair regimen, then a hair steamer may be the ultimate buy. A hair steamer uses water to produce steam, these tiny water droplets will penetrate deeply into the hair and keep it moisturised for longer. You can use it for your deep conditioning sessions, hot oil treatments or even your pre-poos. 

The only downside to using hair steamer is than they are more expensive that all the other tools I mentioned so far and therefore represent an investment on your part. However, the benefits you get from it far exceed any expense you have with this purchase.


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  1. Very informative, I have the first two. Would definitely love to invest in a steamer.


  2. I would love to test out steamers... when I get my coins in order. LOL!


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